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Right then just a quicky to say hello. I have decided so many people are blogging now and i must be nearly just as interesting so here it is... Iv been inspired by lots of things, some of my friends are doing reviews on toys or about days out with there kids in Devon and I really like reading them so fingers crossed I will have something to say that someone might enjoy too. I was introduced to Constance Hall by a friend not long ago and just loved her care free style and not a single f**k was given approach to social media… so that’s kind of what I am going for. I am opinionated but not a cow, well I don’t think! Just a pretty normal (whatever that is) woman with kiddies, a man and a love of the outdoors. So hello, enjoy and here is a poem I wrote…

Most days I cook healthy meals but some days I’m in co-op grabbing 2 for one deals!
The washing days around here are a bit hit and miss. Some days it’s 3 loads, others i will just do the kids!
Bathtime is fun… I’m usually resting on the bed, listening intentently to what may be said…
We like to watch films and cbbies after sch sometimes we don’t watch tv at all… We walk, we play we laugh and we smile, even if some days it is just for a while.
I am not a machine, I am a humble mum and I am so very proud of the things I have done.
Other days i write off, pretending they’ve never even begun and im in bed by 7 eagerly waiting for the next one.
My priority is them so housework may have to wait even if it looks like there’s been an earthquake.
My man is my rock…  always there reminding me to breath, without him I’d be a woman in need.
And those who do it alone… I have high praise for you, because without my other half I wouldn’t have a clue.
Iv made my mistakes some big some small but I definitely don’t pretend that I know it all.
We all make them… your human too, nobody really has a clue.
I bloody love parenting it’s a thrill everyday even if sometimes we do have to take the toys away!
It’s up and down, and and makes no sense at all…. all I know is I’m big and there small!
The picturesque family is what we are all striving to be but really most of us just want a hot tea!
Caring is all you have to do… do what you thinks best and is right for you.

L x


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