I bet your thinking WTF! Yes that’s exactly what I’m thinking… this is the part my darling daughter will be playing in the Chrismas nativity play at that’s it that is all I know. She came home the other day saying she was going to be the innkeeper’s wife, again different but understandable and reasonably easy to prepare for but no that’s not the case. Primary school children’s dressing up antics over a school year is usually pretty hilarious/ridiculous and I have typically made lots of winning outfits. The easy Beatrix Potter with pretty dress and easter bonnet from Hobby Craft for 50p. I have also made some terrible ones, the first being last year’s nativity where she was a cow.. (a normal easy costume)! But wait for it… I decided to be oh so clever and add udders! I used a washing up glove turned upside down and stitched the hand to the top. My daughter is a “thumb sucker” and she spent the entire nativity, oh yes, sucking on the fingers of the glove. Brilliant. The next one was Roald Dahl day, and again I thought it would be fun to do Mrs. Twit and my Daughter agreed. I drew mud and food and all sorts of grim looking things over an old t-shirt, messy hair, few moles on her face, job done. She cried when she got into  school and saw that most of her friend were matilda and had pretty ribbons and dresses on. Mummy fail! (Luckily a Mr. Twit came in soon after and they were away playing and all was forgotten). So… if anyone has any suggestions on what a Fisherman/Visitor might look like in the Bethlehem days, oh please do tell me. I don’t even know if that’s 2 parts or one, guessing yellow pvc wasn’t around! It all adds to the magic of parenting, there’s ultimately some great memories in there somewhere. 

Maybe this with a back pack! 

Currently stuffing a tea-towl and a large elastic band into her P.e kit…. 

Mummy on the Moors x

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