Finding my "Thing"

I seems I reached that time in my life when all of sudden you realise you don’t really have a thing, a hobby, a sport, just something that’s all yours. I’m always trying new things, maybe that’s my problem that I don’t really stick to anything. I started Kickboxing a year ago, loved it got my first white belt grade, moved haven’t taken it up again yet. I started knitting, not only have I started it and then not picked it up again. I have started 2 different things (no idea what they are going to be yet if anything)! Purely just because I liked the colour of a different wool I found. I started blogging… I called it Mummy on the Moors to discover last night that, down the road (literally), Is a well established blogging mummy called Moors_Mummy. So again I probably won’t pessue it too much more unless I do something completely different. I’m undecided on that yet all I know is that I don’t really want this to become a moaning page that no one actually reads, although it does make me feel better ☺ I am also a qualified makeup artist but as I have just moved to the village, I didn’t want to go up against the lady that already does this. Just me trying to be neighbourly, although my partner says sod it! So (gulp) I starting selling Oriflame. I brought 30 catalogues and spread them around the village all happy skipping along! Not a sausage, I am not a salesperson is all I got out of that little venture. All is not lost there though as I still like the stuff and now have a discount.

Iv decided I am best just sat eating biscuits with my toddler… And yes it is that time of the month ha ha. But I am actually really happy just playing with her and after several bars of chocolate over the next few days I’m sure I will find something else to do…

Oooh look Arial Yoga! 

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