Happy New Year

So that was a hugely tiring big spend of a month. I do love it, having kids and a man that cooks is all very perfect but it’s all really all huge effort and build up for just one day. I love my family and we had a great few days, but the day after boxing day me and my partner looked at each other and said Oh My God, I’m knackered! Anyway Happy new Year. I was in bed by 10, don’t judge me I have small people, but here it goes… Positivity. Im giving my blog another shot and a slight face lift. I have hacked away at all my email addresses and various twitter accounts to just me… @LisaEvansDNP no more makeup page then a mummys page then a bla bla bla. I am one person and if you don’t like reading my stuff then (in the nicest possible way) don’t… 😊

To come… a Makeup review I am very excited about.

Also my opinion on Arial Yoga.. if I can ever get a bloody space to go and try it. 

I hope your year to come is full of greatness. X

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