January slump.

To me parenting and being the woman of the house, is something close to flying a million miles an hour, with a huge grin plastered on your face… and a hoover attached to you ankle. Biscuit crumbs in your hair, sticky finger prints on your tshirt. A handbag full with nappies and a weird smell you can’t find the origins of. All whilst trying to look and feel slightly sexy for yourself and your other half. Then trying to work out the answers to questions and conundrums you never even thought possible. All while feeling socially awkward as you spend all day with a toddler, and trying not to excuse yourself to other adults by using the word wee wee! Bringing humans into the world is nothing short of a marathon rolacoaster that you can never get off. Although it’s fun and there’s always highs, they chuck some huge twist and turns in there when you least expect it. Also from what I have heard from my amazing mum, is that you never stop worrying… and it cheerfully just gets worse. 

It most definately does not look like this…

Really! Breastfeeding whilst doing yoga.. also her bed looks suspiciously neat to me, for a woman who has a newborn! 

I have just experienced one of those twist of the rolacoaster, my other half broke his hand reasontly. So all of a sudden you have another person to help dress, wash and shave. (Not that shave my children but you get the idea!)  You have to fit that all in around the other many… many jobs around the home and childcare that you do from day to day. This time I did not have 9 months to prepare for this, but luckily it’s only temporary. It has made me reconsider jumping strait into having another little one too soon, but at the same time has completely motivated me. All of a sudden I found that extra engery I used to have. Those reserve tanks kicked in and I was running around like a trooper. It’s a great feeling to know you would be ok to have another person to look after, when you are ready. For now I am going to get out of my January slump and get my butt moving. I have found my reserve tanks and I am not letting them go unused. It’s kick butt time, starting with some circuits outdoors on dartmoor… eek!

Find your inner Mr. Motivater.  He/She is still in there somewhere. Good luck and go for it! X

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