One Proud Mumma!

Soppy blog alert! I have two daughters age 2 and 5. They drive me mad.. but they never fail to make me smile, laugh, and feel that proud mummy glow, every single day. They have both moved into new bedrooms this week. This is always a little bit of a daunting task and I prepared myself for a few unsettled nights and many trips up and down the stairs. They were brilliant. They both settled by 6:30 (oh yes, they go bed to bed that early)! Both sleeping through the night no problem. I’m soo proud of them! The benefits to this room change have been great for all of us, mainly because now there is a bathroom between them so they can’t shout through the walls at each other! Making bedtimes a little easier. Also we have plonked the oldest down the other end of the house… as far away as possible from our bedroom. In the morning this is a huge bonus as they both will go and play in that room, keeping the volume at our end of the house to a minium. Hooray for those extra 5 minutes where I can pretend I have woken up on my own and not by being yelled at, or frightened half to death by that little face that appears in a dark room, nose to nose with you. They are truly beautiful girls and I still look at them and wonder how I got so lucky, they are funny, clever, caring little people and I feel soo blessed. Ahhhh. Ok soppy post over, give it an hour I will probably be tearing my hair out…

Have a great day mummas… you did good. X

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