Bloggers Block.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one this has happened to, I’m very new at this blogging thing. I thought it would be much easier, I was sure I’d have loads to talk about, but I seem to have hit a wall. So I thought I’d just start writing and see what happens…

I obviously have my two little inspirations to write about but other than they slept really well last night iv got nothing! Oh actually my toddlers going through this really annoying thing where I have to be constantly looking at her every move. All day I hear “look mummy” “LOOK MUMMY!” I do all the singing and dancing praise I can muster each time and look intently at her latest dance move, or listen to the new squeaky high pitched noise she can now do… But still over and over again….           “Look Mummy!” 

Errm… I have decided that I can’t wear anything red in January as it just brings back the whole Christmas thing, not that Christmas is a bad thing, we had a really lovely Christmas. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to wear red in the month after December, probably because I completely over did the red theme. Red jumper, red decorations, red paper, red nails…it goes on!

I also decided last month that I am not ever going to leave my house without putting my eyebrows and lashes on. Not a new years resolutions just positive me stuff. Also that I will never buy and wear a cheap bra again, because those three little thing make ME feel good everyday. A good bra is a really “uplifting” thing,  I may have breastfed two children and let my boobs go a little! Not that I had much choice, they were always going to end up going in that direction anyway. I really can’t tell you how plump and fabulous you feel when you are fitted properly and buy a good quality bra. 

January… January… what else happened… I can tell you that I’m sick of seeing Trumps big white head everywhere I look. I have lots of opinions on this but I have decided to keep them to myself for now, and not jump on the crazy Trump Train. Like Michael Jackson said “You have got to let it simmer”. 

Now it is February,  the month that nobody can pronounce properly! Stole that from one of the presenters on Heart radio. It’s my month… all mine. My birthday and Valentines day, I love having a winter birthday it is at the start of a new year but not in shitty skint January.  It’s cold and frosty and you can snuggle up by the fire with books every evening. No one else in my family has a February birthday. So I have officially claimed the whole month. 

Ahh the weather… no its not boring to talk about the weather! We love the weather in this house. So much so that we actually moved higher on to the Moors to really experience all it pros and cons, amoungst other reasons of course. So far this week I have whizzed my way up the road on the school run through snow, heavy rain and wind that was so strong it was actually a little scary. The wind was so load through the chimneys in my house it kept most of us up all night. The snow fall created a slippery sludgy like covering on the wet floor, very entertaining trying to get a buggy around. A buggy which i managed to squeeze both my 5yr old and 2yr old in, so they were both sheltered by the rain cover, very heavy buggy! Every time I’m all cosy and dry in the house I think oh no, school run in the crappy weather again. I haul myself and my toddler out into the cold, and everytime i love it. As soon as you are out there pushing through the winds and rain it really does make you feel alive, and it makes coming home all the more satisfying and cosy.

Last satisfying thing for today… my shopping is about be delivered. Fewer things make me happier than having all the cupboards and draws filled with food on a Saturday morning. Brilliant… 

Well I did describe myself as a random blogger. Apparently its not that hard either, once you get going… xx

Have a happy weekend x

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