Girls in Construction

Just a quick blog. I witnessed something very special this morning and I just have to share my little moment of joy with the world.

My 5yrold put on her daddy’s construction helmet this morning to wear at school,  this is for Barnardos children’s charity, something called Hat Day. They are to wear a hat showing what they want to be when they grow up! Although dressing up throughout the school year can quite often been a massive pain in the arse. It’s amazing how many times in one year you can find an excuse to dress up your small people. This one though bought me pure happiness this morning. One of those moments you can store in your mind forever and remind her of when she’s an adult.

She put on the hat and said “I am going to draw houses, and daddy is going to build them, then I can go to work with him everday!” Absolutely heart melting. I have to say it was very entertaining trying to teach her the word architect over breakfast… 😂  Fingers crossed she remembered when she got there!

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