I'm not Blogging for Money

I have been very busy this weekend reading lots and lots of pages on how to make money from your blog. There are hundreds of blogs telling you how to use Ad words and doing reviews to make a bit of extra cash, then you get to the bottom of the blog where there’s usually a “How to” course you can sign up to for a small fee! Then I realised that’s not why I started blogging, I just wanted to have a outlet for myself to ramble on about whatever I want. If anyone reads it that is a bonus and of course if they enjoy it brilliant! I didn’t even consider getting paid for it untill I saw all the money making blogs poping up everwhere. The other thing I keep reading is find your niche, a subject you want to talk about and then stick to it, because it could be confusing for your readers if you do lots of diffrent things. Well If you have read any of my other blogs then you will know that sticking to one thing isn’t really something I am great at. I like to try new things and whilst I am always going to be a mummy and I could quite easily keep telling all of of many great stories about them, and i still will be, I want to talk about more than my lovely kiddos. I have many interest, I love music, films and books. I have a huge passion for makeup and that will always keep me busy. I love living in Dartmoor and that is also a never-ending world of adventures I want to share and log.

I have also written about mental health recently and I have read lots I other people’s stories. I read on someone’s page that she had mental health before it was cool. That made me laugh as there is alot about it at the moment and that’s great, but somone living with depression doesn’t really want to talk constantly about it. Although I considered that maybe that could be my “subject” and I could possibly help others. I want to be positive and find other things to distract myself. Because that is how I get better, by keeping busy and not going over old ground. So that topic was out the window, and to be able to keep blogging I will have to be able to talk about whatever I fancy at the time. I have read a great book reasently which I am looking forward to sharing. I’m just brushing up my reviewing skills then I will post my first ever book review. Exciting!

I have been painting this weekend and I have remembered how much I enjoy it. I have been out shopping for new brushes and paints. I am a big crafty person, but with the depression,  I am at absolute peace when I am making something,  I am in my own little creative bubble and I love it. My partner has even suggested that I could get an easel in the workshop, you never know I may even try selling some. I have a few domain names for website’s ready and waiting just incase Van Lisa makes the big time! Again if people want to pay for it, it is a bonus, I am doing it for me. 

So here’s to doing whatever the hell you feel like, and I am sorry if you feel confused…
Stay posted! Lisa x

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