Almost a bad day…

I went to Morrisons in a half dazed, late afternoon, had both kids inside on a rainy day, all day, kind of mood! I don’t really do reviews but we were really disappointed with the Apple pie from their Morrison’s Best section, utter balls! Barely any apple and I couldn’t even taste any of the other posh fandangled ingredients that they had listed on the packaging. Just a dry apple flake thing, not quite the gooey yummyness I had in mind. Their best custard was quite good though, thank God! My daze was however lifted by the quick blowy walk on the moor we had on the way home. Fresh, free and amazing views. Very atmospheric as the sun starts to go down at around 5pm and the clouds are whipping past. It really does blow the cobwebs out. I turned and looked at my 5yr old who was standing on top of a rock (small, flat rock), with her eyes closed and her arms out to her sides, really soaking it all in. Amazing. We just managed to grab 40 minutes in between rain showers. It really is a lovely thing just jumping out of the car, picking a tree on the horizon and walking to it. 

After the lovely walk my mood was then to be struck down by the shoddy apple pie, although I also bought a raspberry and chocolate cheesecake which I am about to cosume entirely (I mean share) with my other half. This was also from the best section, the cake not my other half…I don’t think you can pick him up in Morrison’s! If that fails I also bought doughnuts, which in my opinion can never fail. Don’t judge me, it was a 3 dessert kind of day! 

L x

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