Dear Mystery Running Lady

To the lady who smiled at me whilst you were on your run. I have no idea if you are local or if you just recognized me, you may of smiled just because you could… For whatever reason you made me stop for a second and think, whilst I was shoving my giant buggy up the hill! You breezed past us with your dog and I thought, I really need to start running again! I haven’t done any exercise, except for the odd bit if yoga at home, since we moved here. That was 9 months ago, we have the most amazing area to run around in, so no more excuses…

GOAL… To be hot! Maybe have another baby next year!? Having babies for me requires as much weight loss as I can manage before hand due to some hip and lower back problems. Also the fact that I cant resist cake at the best of times, especially not whilst pregnant! Feel healthy. Be role model to current children, and i’m sure there’s a bonus in there for my man aswell! Here is a snapshot of my note pad, this is me trying to prepare myself…. 

So off I went this morning, one child in school and the other in nursery, all geared up! I dusted off my trainers and….

 I was running!! (Forest gump moment)!

It was sooo terrible, not even just a little bit bad, bloody awful! I got massive sore blisters pretty much instantly. Honestly I have never had such huge blisters, I nearly shared a picture of those too, but my better half advised against such gross behavior! So you will just have to take my word for it when I say “they are huge!” I have got an ok pair of running trainers,  I have had for a while and they have never caused me any problems before. I put some quite thick trainer socks on and the ground is slightly more uneven that I’m used to but… I don’t really know what happened, I had to hobble back with one ancle half hanging out of my shoe, trying to minamize the rubbing! I also wore my yoga trousers thinking they would be great, they’re double layered so nice and warm as it is still only around three degrees outside. They kept falling down, so my middle was freezing and I had to try and run along whilst holding them up! So I was limping, holding up my trousers and clinging on to my partners completely huge inappropriate water bottle… As far a I know, no-one saw me! There was one dog walker on the home strait that I attempted to smile at, but I doubt he felt very inspired! Amazingly though, as it usually does, it still felt great and surprisingly I didn’t stop. All in all I ended up doing 3.5k. I used a couch to 5k app so I walked in-between as the app advises, but I did carry on a little longer after the app had finished. Also I think I may have ran when I was supposed to walk at one point… Mainly just to bloody get home faster! 

Anyway I did something, and I’m pleased… I have just got to keep it up now after my blisters have slightly recovered!

But I will! 

So mystery running lady.  Thankyou very much for smiling. X

L x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

5 Replies to “Dear Mystery Running Lady”

  1. I love running, but have swapped it for spin class at the moment as it’s just so cold out! I’m doing a 10k this Sunday – never done a 10k before so dreading it a bit, but hoping spin class has helped my leg strength and endurance! I’ve done a few 5ks so hoping I’ll be ok! Keep it up and I’m glad you didn’t share the blister pics too! Haha! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  2. i loved that you were inspired by a smile from a runner. Sad about the blisters though, I hope they heal quick and don’t put you off too much, running is such a great exercise.

  3. That reminds me to break in my new gym shoes before heading to the gym for the first time in a while *cough* two years * cough* Best of luck with your running and your blisters! #thatfridaylinky

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