Why Dartmoor is the best place to learn to ride a bike… 

When you think of Dartmoor you think of it as an amazing dramatic landscape, full of winding paths, granite tors and incredible views. Amongst many other things it is also a well known biking destination for the more experienced cyclist. We have recently discovered that it can also be great for beginners too, we found that there are many flat and grassy areas on Dartmoor. There are also lots of places that do not have scatterings of big granite rocks. These flat grass lands can be found all over, and they can be very large and open spaces perfect for young children. We are teaching our eldest to ride a bike at the moment, and large open spaces are what we have been hunting for! As you may know in the early days of learning to ride, going in a straight line is the best way to start, and to be able to just keep peddling is a great confidence builder.

The ground is also great for a soft squidgy landing. As you can imagine its more like landing on hundreds of years worth of moss rather than grass. There are also plenty of places with no rocks around, perfect for beginners. The cool breeze that is often present is also great for parents who are having to run around like mad hatters.

Do please be aware of our pony friends though, they really will not bother you if you stay at a kind distance, and there is plenty of room for everyone. Another note to anyone who may be taking their lunch with them whilst on a bike riding Dartmoor afternoon. When taking your car to find that perfect spot, if you leave your car boot open with your lunch inside, keep your eyes peeled for pony looking for an easy snack! True story, we were off running around after the little ones and when we turned around to check the car, we had about six ponies tucking in to the food in our boot.

An ideal environment to learn to ride a bike. A beautiful place to make those special memories, and something that we will keep with us forever. With a little bit of added inspiration from the many pro riders you will see whipping past. A great positive start for our budding future cyclist. 

L x

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