A Day For Me. 

Just fascinating… I felt very privileged today to join the people from History Hunters, Lustleigh Society, The Woodland Trust, Natural England and the Dartmoor National Park Authority on their field trip and archaeological dig at Vinnimore farmstead, nestled in the Becka Brook Valley near Lustleigh on Dartmoor.  The excavation of Vinnimore Farm forms part of Lustleigh’s Parishscapes project that in turn falls within the “Moor than meets the Eye” heritage lottery funded Landscape Partnership scheme.

I had a great day out and got to meet lots of interesting people with an incredible wealth of knowledge.  I learnt more in those few hours about how to read the landscape and investigate settlements that I ever expected I would.  

To go out alone for four hours without kids was in itself a novelty, but the chance to learn more about the environment, look around somewhere new and get my camera out without a little person pulling at my leg was a delight.  

I have been very interested in archaeology and conservation for a long time so this really was a great opportunity for me and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the guides. There is a lot going on down in the valley at the moment so I will not attempt to detail the history, but I will add all the appropriate links for those of you that would like to know more about the dig and their findings. 

There is an open day tomorrow for a chance to go and have a look for yourself and meet the friendly team.  I would highly recommended taking a look before they back fill the site. It is a great chance to let your imagination run wild, wondering about what life may have been like all those years ago. 

On another note it gave me a change to try out my new daysack! Which I have not been paid to tell you is great. A comfortable 18 litre Lowe Alpine bag with the bladder insert for me to drink whilst on the go.  A handy headphones hole, a clip to hold to my valuables securely in a safe dry pocket.  Even holes to place walking poles into, all easily adjustable and even comes with an emergency whistle carefully hidden in the chest strap. A great bag.  

Enough about my new bag. Having the right gear for a hike is an absolute must and it really does make it all the more enjoyable when you are wearing the correct footwear and slightly pricey but essential good socks! It was a blissful and educational walk discovering more of the amazing Dartmoor National Park.  I will now be keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities like this and hope that it will inspire others get involved as well.  

I can honestly say after today I will be able to look at the landscape with a more open and inquisitive mind, as there absolutely is, more than meets the eye! 

The more you look the more you will find.  

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  1. The idea of a day out on my own is just heaven! It sounds like a truly fascinating day, I love finding out about the history of places that we visit. Also loving your new bag, good kit makes all the difference. Thanks so much for supporting #adventurecalling

  2. Dartmoor is such an amazing place. What an opportunity to go and find out more about the ecology and history of the area with such an amazing collection of groups. I can only imagine the amount of knowledge they possessed between them! Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling I hope you can again this week.

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