The All Weather Attraction…

The World of Country Life in Sandy Bay – Exmouth, prides itself on being an all weather attraction for the whole family. We arrived on one of those rather drizzly Devon days and we were not disappointed.

There is so much under cover here you are never short of anything to do and we managed to hop outside in between showers. We ran from our car to the entrance to dodge the rain and after we entered we were immediately transported into another era as we explored their old country life exhibits. We enjoyed our roam down old village road, this is a re-creation of a country street from the past.

We walked through one of the old thatched cottages and had many laughs explaining how things used to be in years gone by to our children, some of which they just couldn’t believe, including an outside toilet that my eldest was not impressed with the thought of! We then travelled through time a little more whilst looking in a shop, watching tiny black and white televisions, looking at old Hoover’s and seeing old butter churns and many other pieces of old farming equipment. There was plenty to keep us entertained whilst the first showers blew over.

We headed over to the big slides where the whole family enjoyed several giggles and thrills on the large bumpy mat slides. As the sun reappeared we headed outdoors to the climbing frames and giant air bouncers. On this occasion we didn’t actually get to see them, but the World of Country life also have an extensive collection of over fifty birds at their Hawkridge Birds of Prey Centre, where they regularly do flying displays.

Whilst it was still dry we went on the tractor train, this cost a few pounds extra but it was an absolute highlight for us, the friendly and enthusiastic staff and their informative and often amusing commentary made it great fun and I would highly recommend paying the extra pennies. The train, pulled by a tractor, winds its way through paddocks with rare breed Jacob sheep, llamas and deer. The animals were so friendly and myself, my partner and the girls thoroughly enjoyed feeding the deer and llamas. They were incredibly fun to be around and they really do poke their heads right inside the carriage with you, I think my eldest thought she was on a safari! The driver and handler was on hand with food for the children to give the animals, feeding and being so up close was a great experience.

We then stopped for some food in one of the many indoor eating areas. We chose to eat in the pirates adventure area where inside the barn is a life size pirate ship for the children to play on. It was complete with pirates, sand and sailors music, this made it very atmospheric and great fun for the children.

Throughout the day, announcements are made over the Tannoy system informing visitors of the upcoming events. After lunch we heard that it was time to go and meet the smaller animals in the nursery. We had the usual lovely guinea pigs and rabbits to cuddle and a rather unusual stick insect, a little tickly but very interesting none the less. We also spent time petting some other very friendly goats and sheep in a nearby walk in paddock.

We then ventured into the large indoor soft play area which included lots of slides, big ball pool and a bouncy castle. The ball pool was equipped with a couple of air machines that vacuum the balls and fires them into the air. Very entertaining for little ones, I don’t think my two year old did anything else except putting balls into the shute in the soft play area for a full half an hour.

Finally we had a wander around their classic motor museum and viewed some of the fantastic old machines that they have in their collection. These included a vintage police cart, massive steam fairground engines and early fire engines. There really is something to interest the whole family here, young and old.

We were really impressed with our first visit to The World of Country life and thank you to Dartmoor Accommodation for organising this day out, we will certainly be going back to visit again, this is definitely one to remember whatever the weather.



The Little Zoo with a Big Heart


We were warmly welcomed at Dartmoor Zoo this weekend by the very friendly staff. As you enter the park and walk up the hill the excitement quickly starts to build as you begin to see the large open spaces and interesting animals. We also really enjoyed the animal facts along the way, this was a great way to encourage our little ones imagination. To avoid the hill there is parking up by the cafe for people with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users. We did just about manage this attraction with a buggy but I’m not sure I would class it as particularly wheelchair friendly. At the top you have lovely views over the valley and lots more informative signs to point you in the direction of the different animals. As we arrived we were given a timetable of all the feeding times and many talks you can enjoy throughout the day.

We went into the café first and grabbed a quick coffee whilst we decided which of the events we would like to see during our visit. The café is a really large space with a shop on one side and a bright and colourful children’s play area on the other.

A little bit about the zoo to start with. Many people may have seen the film We Bought A Zoo, a lovely family film, well worth seeing if you haven’t already. Benjamin Mee is the Director of Dartmoor Zoo and the author of ‘We Bought A Zoo’, the bestselling book that then went on to inspire the blockbuster film starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. In 2006, the Mee family fell in love with the wildlife Park, although it had a poor reputation and huge financial problems they realised the animals would have been destroyed if someone had not purchased it. They saved the animals, and re-opened in 2007, naming it Dartmoor Zoological Park.

I know that zoos are a bit like marmite, you either love them or you hate them and there is a rather controversial sign left behind in the grounds by the previous owner…

The bottom of the stone reads… “Here’s to those who wish me well and those who don’t can go to hell!” 
The park is now a newly formed charity doing great conservation work and carrying out constant improvements, it is a really unique place that benefits from a rural setting within the grounds of a country house. It really does have the feel of being in someone’s garden, with the odd tiger hanging around of course!

After me and my partner had topped up on caffeine we went to see Honey and Fudge, the two bears that they have here. Whilst the bears enjoyed some fish we enjoyed being told all about what the animals got up to during their day and how they both loved a jam sandwich!

We then went on to the close encounters area where you can see and touch some of the smaller critters. This includes tortoise, snakes, big spiders and colourful frogs, again the jolly staff are on hand with lots of facts and information about how they care for the animals.

We took a picnic, and found a lovely spot to eat our lunch. A fantastic eating area situated in the middle of the park with a view of the cheetah’s and monkeys. Watching big cats whilst you sit and have your lunch was great, not something you get to do everyday! Although we didn’t eat In the café on this occasion the food looked nice and they can also cater for birthday parties. Whilst we were eating we saw a party group being guided around the zoo by staff members, the children in the group looked like they were having a great time and the staff were especially good at keeping them engaged from one enclosure to the next.

We enjoyed seeing the variety of animals they have here, the big cats included Tigers, Lions, Cheetah’s and a Jaguar. There was also the Bears, Monkeys, Wolves, Emus, Wallabies, Meerkats and much more. We then went on to enjoy the large open field with free roaming animals, something I don’t think many larger zoos have. This is a nice chance to pet some of the more friendly animals like the goats, wallabies and deer. We then ended our day in the outdoor play park, a fun area with a mixture of climbing obstacles, fun tubes and tires to play amongst. A peaceful place and a lovely end to a relaxing day.

We have loved every minute of our work with Dartmoor Accommodation and in the past few weeks myself and my family have met an otter that will only eat Sainsburys beef burgers and a Bear that loves a Jam sandwich! A sentence I wouldn’t of Imagined in my wildest dreams I would be writing. So another big thank you to the team at Dartmoor Accommodation and again to the smiley staff at Dartmoor Zoo.

L x

Miniature Pony Centre

This week we visited the very lovely ponies, horses and donkeys at the Miniature Pony Centre on B3212 between Moretonhampstead and Postbridge. This is a great place for children to interact with the animals and there is so much to see and do.

We arrived just in time to catch the first pony rides of the day, a very popular activity with my two girls at the moment and they were delighted to be riding again. They also both received a rosette when they were done, a very nice touch.

The outdoor play areas here are really spacious, they are suitable for all ages and have lots of different obstacles and slides for them to enjoy. My eldest had a great time on the climbing wall and ride on tractors. There are also trampolines and several indoor play areas. The pony and horse theme runs all the way through the attraction with beautiful rocking horses and large bouncy soft play horses to play with.

I also noticed they had a nice sized party room for birthdays, something I may be using soon! The food was yummy, we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive although they were clearly quite busy. The cafè is equipped with high chairs and some great outdoor seating with stunning views over the pony field. There are also lots of birds and to see and hear whilst having your lunch, and a useful sign telling you about all the different species. I myself love birds but I am not particularly good at telling the smaller ones apart, so the descriptive sign was very helpful. We had a pleasant lunchtime listening to the lovely tweeting of the many small birds.

After lunch we went along to the stable talk, we were informed of the talk by one of the staff ringing a bell. Another great idea, with young children you can easily be distracted and we found the bell to be a very handy reminder of the events going on that day. During the stable talk we listened to lots of facts about the animals on the farm including the very lovely larger horses. We as a family were totally blown away by these incredible animals. I have never seen such enormous horses, among them was Buster the Shire Horse and the endangered Suffolk Punch Harris. This is a very rare chance to see these magnificent animals as there are only around 20 breeding pairs left of the Suffolk Punch. There is also the chance to sponsor the heavy horses if you wish, something I will no doubt be looking into. We were extremely taken with the lovely Harris and it would be a huge loss to see them disappear.

There are some great opportunities to appreciate the animals. We enjoyed grooming and relaxing in the paddock with the ponies. The great open paddock field with large trees is a great space to enjoy the miniature ponies company. There are clear rules as you go in to remind the children how to behave around animals, and hand sanitation for the way out. We spent nearly an hour in the paddock petting and sitting with the ponies, and for the photographers out there, this is a great chance to get some lovely shots.

Finally we had a we very peaceful walk around the pretty lake and enjoyed seeing all the ducks on the pond. It’s a short stroll just beyond the lower play park and it will only take a little while to walk around, here you can enjoy the sound of the water feature and plentiful wildlife. We found this to be a nice little wind down for the children before we headed back to our car.

There is an open day at the centre on the 17th of June. You can go and enjoy the park on the 17th with free entry. There is lots of entertainment planned including a bouncy castle and barbecue. We will certainly be going back for this event, we had a really lovely time and another big thank you to Dartmoor Accommodation for arranging our day out. We are lucky enough to be just down the road from this one and we look forward to our next visit.

A great day full of memories.

L x

Like Mother Like Daughter

Just for today, I am going to write about my eldest daughter, this is a picture of her enjoying the great outdoors as much as I do. To say that I am proud of her would be an understatement.  There are of course so many reasons why I am endlessly in love with her and this picture of her clinging to a rock gave me a lovely warm fuzzy feeling. Myself and my partner always intended our girls to be outdoorsy and it is a very satisfying feeling when you know you are achieving your parenting goals.  

This photo also fills me with an uneasy feeling as she is a complete mirror image of myself. I was what some may call a bit of a wild child in my youth,  I was a complete nightmare! How my mum coped I will never know… I have endless stories which I never intend on telling my children and I am doing everything in my power to give her the best opportunities to become something resembling a “non wild child” whatever that may be.  The way I am hoping this will work is by keeping her tucked away in the countryside and throwing her into the wilderness. It may not be that simple, but at the moment this plan is all I have and this idea gives me more hope.  I realise I am quite possibly living in a dream land, but it is a lovely land filled with wide open fields and towering tors. 

I have another daughter and the thought of them both being like me in my teenage years is just unimaginable! I would really like another child soon too but I have always sworn that if we were to have another girl then that would have to be it…  because anyone with more than three girls, is just a little bit mad in my book! Twins also run in my family, something I thought would be lovely when I had none or just one other child. Now that I already have two kiddies, add twins into the mix and well, the mind blows at the teenage years possibilities! I’m not quite sure how my body would cope with having twins either, as I am currently sofa bound with a bad back.

This is something I have suffered with since my first pregnancy, probably why I am sat at home feeling a little bit sorry for myself today. We are moving again in a few weeks and my back pain this time has come from me trying to make my house look like a show home so that people can come and view it. All whilst trying to pack all of our belongings and raise two young people in the same building.  I am definitely not a Pinterest mum, something I recently discovered was a “thing” from a great blog by Lucy at Home. The bun in my hair I am sporting today is a necessity and not a fashion statement. Mainly because no one including myself is allowed to use the shower until this evening as the glass is now spotless whilst we are waiting on the viewings…. Hence the back injury. 

Great timing for your back to go just as you’re about to move house, my partner will appreciate the convenience I’m sure! Anyway, thoughts and feeling noted for today. School run time, let’s hope she’s in a better mood now than when we left this morning when we had our first wardrobe malfunction.  She refused to wear a pepper pig hat, saying “Mum, I do not want my friends to think I still like pepper pig!” Yep she’s five and it’s happening already… Right off I go to hobble down the road with my bun and collect Mini Me. 


Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. 


Pink Pear Bear



Trains, Otters and Butterflies Oh My! 

A jam packed day in Buckfastleigh and Totnes, a fantastic adventure with three attractions in one.  We took a ride on the South Devon Railway line, visited some otters and saw beautiful butterfly’s.  The train also took us along to the Rare Breeds Farm in Totnes.  The train line was built in 1872 and is now run by the South Devon Railway Trust charity.  

We started our day by going along to the Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm.  A hot and humid butterfly house filled with the most fascinating collection of butterflies and moths.  You enter the room and then you are surrounded with the incredible array of colours flying right past you.  My eldest daughter thought she was in something resembling a fairy-tale.  The amazement on my girls faces was a delight to see.  You get really close up to these pretty insects and then begin to really understand their life cycle whilst viewing wiggling chrysalis and reading the many facts they have around the enclosure. In the entrance you can also witness the extreme will power of the leaf cutting ant, whilst they travel along a long rope and carry their chosen freight delivery back to their nest. 

You can then head outside to see the playful otters and enjoy watching them being fed.  The keepers are on hand to provide you with lots of otter facts and knowledge… Including things like they enjoy eating beef burgers, particularly Sainsbury’s finest! They are really adorable little creatures, Dartmoor is an important home for otters as they are a globally threatened and protected species. There is also an underwater viewing area where the otters seemed to love performing for the spectator’s.  We were lucky enough to have them swimming right past the glass on several occasions, something my girls found hilarious. 

We then headed towards the station to catch our lunchtime steam train.  Station, butterfly farm and otter sanctuary all share the same parking area and are a very convenient stones throw from each other. 

The train arrived with its whistle blowing and the steam billowing from the engine. I particularly enjoyed the feel of stepping back in time into the old carriages, with the original fixtures and furniture really capturing my imagination. We unpacked our lunch and all sat around a comfortable table to enjoy the ride.  

We were greeted by very friendly staff who were all traditionally suited and booted. They came to say hello and tell us all about the railway line, train and history of the stations. The stations are all decorated with original Great Western Railway memorabilia, including original booking offices, fireplaces and signs from the era.

He also mentioned that there may be some goblins and fairy’s outside the windows if we looked carefully.  To their delight the girls did spot the array of gnomes and other figurines in places along the trackside on the 45 minutes journey to Tones. A distraction that we were very grateful for, although by the time we had eaten our lunch and had chatted to the train staff it seemed like the perfect length ride.  

At the other end there is then more to do.  You walk over the crossing on the train line to the Tones Rare Breeds farm.  We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this little place, and be sure to pick up a bag of feed or two from the reception on your way in. To our surprise when we walked in there was the best display of owl’s myself and my partner have ever seen. I realise that this is a real animal farm but the stillness of the stunning owl’s was unbelievable, for a minute I don’t think any of us thought they were real.  Until one of them gives a little blink or slight head movement its honestly quite tricky to adapt to the fact that these incredible birds are sat right in front of you.  We got to stroke the smallest one who was perched on the fence at the end, next to an adorable sign saying “if I am sat on the fence they please give me a stroke”.  

We then went out into the paddock where you can pet some of the goats, sheep and geese.  We all found this really enjoyable with my youngest even getting to say hello to the smaller animals.  Some of the bigger animals are a little cheekier though and I nearly lost the whole bag of feed on several occasions, to the amusement of the rest of my family! As the name describes, they have a lot of rare breeds at this lovely little farm. Some being in the last 20 of their species, and what a shame too as there are some truly beautiful animals here.  Before heading over to the café for a quick cuppa the girls visited the pet’s corner and hatchery where we saw tiny new fluffy chicks and held some great natured and may I say very brave guinea pigs.  

There are areas of interest at all of the stations on the day out, so you really are never short of anything to do.  We sat at the other end of the train this time which was again another exciting experience for the kids especially my eldest who is a Harry Potter fan.  We had a compartment complete with squishy long seats and vintage luggage racks.  We felt like we were in the film and we hoped someone might come along with a chocolate frog! We enjoyed our own snacks though and kept our eyes peeled out of the window for more fairy tale creatures.  

There are cafés, gift shops, toilets and baby changing facilities at both of the main stations.  So you are never very far from anything you may need.  Although we did have a very busy day, we left feeling good and not at all like we had to rush anything or had over done it.  

An absolutely full day with a great variety of experiences all rolled in, we can highly recommended this day out for all the family.  Another huge thank you to Dartmoor Accommodation for arranging this one for us, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and will certainly be going back.


Potty Adventures

Rhyming with Wine


Ullacombe Farm. 

Tucked away on the Haytor road from Bovey Tracey is the charming Ullacombe Farm. This family run farm business has a lot to offer from stunning views over the country side to luxury afternoon teas.

First of all the café offers great food nearly all from locally sourced produce. Great coffee is served by fully trained baristas, delicious cakes and pastries form their own kitchen can all be enjoyed either in the café or taken away.  For those who also like a tipple they have a wide range of local ales in their beautifully presented and well stocked shop. These can be enjoyed in their spacious outdoor seating areas. 

There is also loads to keep the children busy. They have a large red tractor in the play area, which has always been a firm favourite with my girls. Along with a play house, swings and other ride on toys.  My children also love going to see the ducks, chickens and all the other friendly farm animals.  The baby changing facilities are fully equipped with wipes, nappies and bags…  very handy on those baby brain days when you have forgotten something! 

You can then purchase some of the local meat from the on site Butchers to enjoy at home.  All the staff are very friendly, helpful, attentive and have great local knowledge. 

Recently they have added an outdoor cinema to one of their barns, regularly showing family friendly films, something we will certainly be going along to very soon.  They also have another barn available to hire for any occasion.  I can personally recommend this as we had our daughters fifth birthday here last year and we were incredibly well looked after.  We had children’s food including sandwiches, fruit, popcorn and some homemade scones for the adults. I also must mention the homemade delicious jams which you can also buy in the shop, the marmalade is a huge favourite of mine! 

Overall I can’t recommend this café and farm shop enough, we recently moved further away from here than we may of liked and my daughters still regularly ask when are we going to go back. My partner also swears by their full English breakfast! We have had many great times with family and friends here, whether it has been a Sunday roast or a quick coffee and cake it has always been wonderful. 

For any enquiries be sure to ask for either the lovely Debbie or Lucy and they will be more than happy to help you.
And if you haven’t been here yet, what are you waiting for! 

L x

Rhyming with Wine

Cholwell Riding Stables

Cholwell Riding Stables are set in a beautiful valley off the A386 between Tavistock and Okehampton, just outside Mary Tavy.  They have 36 horses, are a family run business with over 40 years experience they are open all year round 7 days a week and can cater for all abilities.  We took our girls down to the stables and passed the magnificent Wheal Betsy tin mine.  

We were greeted by the lovey Donna who then helped us get our hats and gloves on, all included in the price. The prices range from just £10 for pony rides and a very reasonable £24 for a full hour and £42 for a 2 hour adult horse ride. More details and larger party information can all be found on their website.

Our daughters aged 2 and 5 had an amazing time. The staff were friendly, helpful and chatted to the girls all the way around on their pony ride. I was more than impressed with the staff as my youngest was a little unsure at first but by the end she didn’t want to get off of her pony, a great introduction to riding by her instructor Caley. I also dread to think how many questions my eldest asked her instructor Amelia, my daughter now knows lots more than she did before about pony’s and riding. She also trotted a little a couple of times, without a doubt this was her highlight of her time here at Cholwell. Myself and my partner followed behind on foot and I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed watching them on these two gorgeous little ponies Lucky and Mercury.  

The ride started at the stables down a lane passing the Wheal Betsy and then headed straight onto the Moor, which this farm benefits from direct access to. We then headed back to the stables where the girls had a chance to groom and feed the pony’s a little snack. 

They also had some adorable young lambs outside the farmhouse and the relaxed atmosphere was very nice, we also had a couple of people comment on how happy our children looked. Making it an overall fantastic family experience. Something we will most certainly be doing again, and next time I will also be having a ride! 

We all can’t wait to get back there and I am certain my girls we be talking about it for months to come. A great big thank you to all that were involved and especially Dartmoor Accommodation for organizing this for us. We would highly recommended these beautiful stables, staff and great natured animals.  

L x

Rhyming with Wine

A Day For Me. 

Just fascinating… I felt very privileged today to join the people from History Hunters, Lustleigh Society, The Woodland Trust, Natural England and the Dartmoor National Park Authority on their field trip and archaeological dig at Vinnimore farmstead, nestled in the Becka Brook Valley near Lustleigh on Dartmoor.  The excavation of Vinnimore Farm forms part of Lustleigh’s Parishscapes project that in turn falls within the “Moor than meets the Eye” heritage lottery funded Landscape Partnership scheme.

I had a great day out and got to meet lots of interesting people with an incredible wealth of knowledge.  I learnt more in those few hours about how to read the landscape and investigate settlements that I ever expected I would.  

To go out alone for four hours without kids was in itself a novelty, but the chance to learn more about the environment, look around somewhere new and get my camera out without a little person pulling at my leg was a delight.  

I have been very interested in archaeology and conservation for a long time so this really was a great opportunity for me and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the guides. There is a lot going on down in the valley at the moment so I will not attempt to detail the history, but I will add all the appropriate links for those of you that would like to know more about the dig and their findings. 

There is an open day tomorrow for a chance to go and have a look for yourself and meet the friendly team.  I would highly recommended taking a look before they back fill the site. It is a great chance to let your imagination run wild, wondering about what life may have been like all those years ago. 

On another note it gave me a change to try out my new daysack! Which I have not been paid to tell you is great. A comfortable 18 litre Lowe Alpine bag with the bladder insert for me to drink whilst on the go.  A handy headphones hole, a clip to hold to my valuables securely in a safe dry pocket.  Even holes to place walking poles into, all easily adjustable and even comes with an emergency whistle carefully hidden in the chest strap. A great bag.  

Enough about my new bag. Having the right gear for a hike is an absolute must and it really does make it all the more enjoyable when you are wearing the correct footwear and slightly pricey but essential good socks! It was a blissful and educational walk discovering more of the amazing Dartmoor National Park.  I will now be keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities like this and hope that it will inspire others get involved as well.  

I can honestly say after today I will be able to look at the landscape with a more open and inquisitive mind, as there absolutely is, more than meets the eye! 

The more you look the more you will find.  

L x 

Open day:

Daily findings blog:

The Helpful Hiker

Back to Basics

I am having the best time blogging, it started off just as a little hobby and has now turned very quickly into something much bigger. When I started blogging I really had no idea what to expect or how to even use twitter! I now have lots of followers and my Instagram is also growing rapidly.  I honestly wasn’t sure if blogging was going to be for me but I am really pleased that I started writing, and I’m pleased that my hard work is paying off.  There is a great community of people out there to connect with and I am now enjoying loads of opportunities. I am now working alongside and I have already reached goals that I thought would have taken me years to accomplish and I am over the moon to be a part of it.  

I do want to try and be as organic as I can as be, and keep on blogging for myself, just to keep my own basic natural flow up to date.  I recently read a post by the Honest mum that was really inspiring, on which she reminded her readers to keep being themselves and how that is enough. I love using blogging as kind of therapy and it feels great to write about whatever I feel like  I am so pleased that people are enjoying reading them. 

If you asked me a year ago if I wanted to write for a living, I honestly would have laughed! I am now advertising myself as a blogger and I have never enjoyed something so much.  The other things I have found myself liking through the life of twitter, have also surprised me. I have always been a creative person, but I didn’t realise just how much until now. I am now passionate about art and all things crafty, especially anything that’s from natural materials or artwork and landscapes of the outdoors.  

I have learnt so much in the last 6 months about writing, taking better pictures, social media knowledge and it has all been great fun. I would encourage anybody and everybody to blog and record whatever your passionate about as it is a really positive creative outlet for me, and not one I plan on stopping any time soon. I am now starting to allow myself to have goals that I never even thought were possible from little old me! 

Whilst Dartmoor is my passion and home, whilst clearing my mind on another beautiful walk, and walking in these outstanding open spaces will always be my real therapy.  I am now going to start opening the doors to more creative things, such as the world of natural art and see where this also takes me.  

This is just my way of trying to open my eyes to all the positive things that are all around us, a way of reminding myself and whoever reads this to value all the natural beautiful things around you and remember to enjoy all the little things.  

Something great is just around the corner.  

So enjoy it.  

L x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

A Long Weekend In Cornwall

I am not one to toot my own horn but we are officially now pros at caravanning with kids. This is not a small undertaking I can tell you as unlike just packing everything that you need for a holiday i.e. clothes, smellies, medical products you may need and some that you probably won’t need, but you take them anyway “just in case”! You have to pack everything except the kitchen sink when caravanning. I have now got a solid routine where I work through one room at a time, and I start packing the day before. Working my way around the kitchen for bowls, knives, forks, saucepans, kettle and plates. Oh and cleaning products, I forgot the washing up liquid though this year but I did remember the tea towels (the one thing I forgot last time)! Then it’s onto the kids toys, I let them fill a small child’s suitcase with whatever they want to keep them busy, and its handy to grab out at the other end when your trying to set everything up.  Then the usual clothes and bathroom stuff, and finally the bedding for all three beds. Madness I know but we do really enjoy it, caravans are cosy and fun whatever the weather and we really do seem to have it down to a fine art now. Without sounding too victorian, I do the inside homely stuff and he does the outside bits like water, electric, gas and putting up the awning.  This works for us.

We travelled down to Cornwall and arrived at our favourite spot in Hayle, the caravan club site is perfect and well maintained with lovely staff.  You do have to pay a yearly membership for these sites but it is well worth it as you know that everything is going to be of a high standard. There’s a lovely play park, you are surrounded by sand dunes and there are views to the sea. The beach is a short walk away through the dunes down to Hayle Sands which is an absolutely beautiful and very large beach.  

The walk itself through the sand dunes is great fun with lots of winding sandy paths, and you can also hear the skylarks singing away.  We tried going off the beaten path and some of the tall marram grass made it all the more exciting to adventure through. With a little slide down the sand you then come out onto the incredible beach.  

My girls love being by the seaside and this is one is just perfect as there is ample room for them to run around in there own little dream lands.  On the way back we also headed off to find the biggest sand dune we could, for a great final slide down the sand.  View Ranger came in handy again here as we were able to locate the highest point near us.  

We also picked up a crabbing set on a day trip to Mousehole, a pretty little fishing village on the south coast.  A great idea for keeping the kids busy for a few extra hours and you can pick up the crabbing kits for as little as two pounds.  With more playing on the sand, a picnic and an ice cream later, we had another lovely day out.  

On the site there was also a kids treasure hunt with clues which they called the tourer explorer trail. Another freebie to keep us busy for an hour or so before dinner.  We looked for clues in the grounds of the site with the help of a map and finally got a prize at the end which the girls were very happy with. 

We also did a trip to Porthcurno another amazing beach with views up to the Minac Outdoor Theater.  This beach is something we stumbled on whilst walking some of the south west coastal path towards the Minac.  We walked around the top of the cliffs and couldn’t believe how beautifully clear the water was below us and how light the sand was. We got back in the car and drove down to this beach, you really could of been anywhere in the world, we were stunned.  We also recommended the hot food boxes outside the theatre entrance, no further directions needed on this one…  just follow the gorgeous smells. 

The sun shone most of the time, it was a little cloudy on our first day but after that we were very lucky with the weather.  My eldest had plenty of time to practice her bike riding skills and to meet new friends. We even managed to keep the Easter eggs hidden out of sight until the Sunday when the Easter bunny arrived in the awning! 

I know caravanning isn’t or everyone but the beaches I have mentioned are well worth the trip to Cornwall. 

All in all, minus the washing up liquid and the four hours stuck in traffic on the way home which we would all rather forget about… It was a successful trip and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. 

L x

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