My Prison Break. 

I am so pleased that I have finally decided to write this down, this is my story of how we ended up living in the highest village in Dartmoor. 

Princetown is a small village in the middle of the high moor. Most famously housing the massive Dartmoor Prison… It really is huge and the amazing orange glow from the floodlights at night is something that you really have to see to believe. From our garden we could probably throw a stone and get it through the barred windows, not that I would advise attempting it! So why an earth did I move here?!

First of all the weather is truly unpredictable and unexplainable, for us being total weather geeks, this is brilliant. Our first winter up here has been so exciting. Its forecast to snow again later on today, which means my partner is glued to his weather apps and other forecast predicting websites, and I am like a dog at the window on high alert. The best part though is being the first ones out there when the snow settles, beating all of the other snow hunters to find that untouched piece of heaven, where you get to leave only your footprints behind.

The house we found up here is really lovely and of course that was the decider on moving and the fact that the school run now takes me all of 10 minutes on foot, there and back is also fab! Whilst being this close to a prison may slightly hinder your housing price… I’m pretty sure if there were any escapees, we in the village would be first to know, and how often does this really happen anyway! Someone once said to me that if a prisoner did escape im sure they would be trying to get as far away as possible from the village, and not popping in to the local shop for a quick loaf of bread. I have only read a little history on the prison so far (i know, bad local) *slaps own hand*, so I don’t know how many convicts have actually attempted the prison wall. A bit of advise to those who do though, winter is not the best time to go running around on the Moor unprpaired! 

I haven’t just picked Princetown off a map and gone for it, we have some family up here who have lived in the village their whole lives, infact I have family members in the church yard. I only discovered this when we came to view our property. My mum came along as we wondered around the village and she showed us the church. I can’t tell you how grounded and homely I felt at that moment, knowing I was going to be the next generation in Princetown and that we would be bringing up our daughters here. It really was a moment I will never forget.

I also remember driving up here as a little girl to visit family. That same feeling always used to come to me as we drove past the prison… Now I know how strange this about to sound, but I loved the prison.. The feeling of it being soo big and mysterious, and me being so small compared to it. I remember being aloud to get out of the car for a few moments for a better look and staring it at from a distance. Here is where my obbsession with prisons began!

I don’t know what it is, and the more I’m writing this the more of an oddball I am feeling, but I really do like prisons. It is all historical buildings really, I could also go on and on about Castles, but I will save that for another time. I have never really wanted to work in a prison, although I have considered it, as it is just on my doorstep. I would just like to have a nose around really but I’m pretty they don’t do day trips! It just fascinates me. I’m also a big lover of these big american tv shows like Orange is the new Black, Criminal Minds and Prison Break (hence the blog title). American tv shows get a bit of a hard time in the Uk, It might just be America in general! I on the other hand love America, I visited there when I was a young girl and I can’t help but think it’s great. You get all sorts of everything in America, the diversity is brilliant, the people and the places are all filled with charachter/s. So I love a good high intensity crime drama, the cheeseyer the better for me… 

For me Princetown is great and I can see us living here for years to come..

I have actually run towards the prison, probably something quite unusual! So as I think you will agree, we were meant to be here. It may not be for everybody, but it suits us just fine…. 

And I will keep you posted on the snow! 

L x

Everyone loves a Bargain. 

For all those bargain hunting mums out there! I thought I would share some of my latest finds and diy/decorating skills. If you can call them skills that is, I would probably just call it an eye for a bargain. 

I find all sorts of things from all sorts of places. I have an image in my mind, from lots of skimming through home magazines and glancing at Pinterest, I then go and see what I can find to make it work. I think to do this you really do have to have a plan and a colour scheme, or at least a theme. That way a bit like a magpie with shiney things, they should just jump out at you! My chap usually thinks I’m mad when I find for example, half price spotty green and blue thermal kitchen curtains online, that I just have to have! He will admit though that it does usually come together quite well in the end…

So we have two girls who we try to keep as far away as possible from barbie pink and sparkly purple, although I do think Barbie herself could do with a more curvy makeover, we are not against it completly. In fact as I am writing this now my eldest is colouring in a My little Pony book with her new sparkly pencils, and my youngest has just been to the shops in a tutu! We try and keep them as outdoorsy as possible, they couldn’t really not be outdoors girls where we live! Luckily they do love getting messy and being outside but little girls do like pink, so here is how I made our 5yr old’s room…

Ta Da…

We went for pink! Yep pink ha ha! But… with lime green and natural woods, so starting from the top I found this net curtain for about £3 from China. I don’t know how many people do this but we use an app called Ali Express. Things do take around a month to appear but the bargains are well worth the wait. Be warned though there are millions of products and it is highly addictive! If you are not in a hurry though it is great. The cushion covers were £4 from eBay, we already had the actual cushions. The wooden deer picture was from Next, this is my favourite piece in her room and unfortunately was not a bargain at around £20, but I just loved it so there we are! Curtains as I said above were half price online from a curtain site, £10 for each set, so as you will see the blue ones are in the youngests room. Bedding for both girls were 12.99 each on Amazon.Wooden hearts you can pick up everywhere from home departments at the moment, I think this one was about £7 from The Range. We payed 2.99 for the pink bin again from a home discount store. The bunting, which goes across a whole wall spelling out her name, was from a friend when she was born. The most recent addition is the butterfly wall hangings, Lidls have a spring range of craft accessories at the moment which I was delighted to find! As all the bits were within my colour scheme, for both girls rooms. They are cheap and great quality. I have bought wooden items from Lidls before in the form of a hedgehog and a squirrel, who now live in the play room, and they were also beautiful and a bargain.. So I highly recommend having a dig around in their seasonal baskets. Finally we picked up the bookcase with pink and lime decoration on the sides from Spock, a local selling app for £10. I’m quite pleased with how it has all turned out. It is still a little girls room but I think its quite toned down, without a princess or ballerina in site! 

Room 2.

Not as many pieces in this room as we are still picking up things, and this is the 2yr old’s room, so not much is needed. The big wall butterfly in the centre was £15 from The Range and it alone is why the theme became butterfly’s. The colours also followed and became orange and blue. We picked up the Chair as a “freebie” from somewhere my partner was working a few years ago! The curtains, bedding and wall hangings I have talked about already.. The rug was another China bargain at around £6.

And that’s the lot, I love picking up bits for our home and it something I have been doing for years now. If you are just starting out decorating your brand new home. Or if you are just redecorating…

1. You have a blank canvas and I’m jealous! Although I know some people make a good career out of designing homes it is just a hobby for me.. I don’t think my family would be too pleased if I constantly changed it around everywhere, or kept on making them move house! 

2. Enjoy it and take your time. One thing I have learnt from moving house 3 times in the last 6 years is to take your time with things.. It doesn’t all have to be perfect strait away and as my man would say putting things somewhere temporarily, usually with a busy young family, means that they will probably stay there permanently.. So choose wisely! 

Go find those Bargains! 

L x


I have a .com!

I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a .com! 

I am very excited and I have updated my page a little, this is all still very new to me and I am not technology wizz, so please bare with me if some of the buttons, linkys, widgets and other bits and bobs don’t quite work properly!

I just wanted to share my new welcome page with you. Hopefully this gives a little more insight as to what my page will be about. 

Thankyou again for following and reading, I know everyone says this, but it really does mean alot. X

Here it is… Eeeek!

Hello and welcome to my ramblings…
My name is Lisa and this is my blog…  Here is a little about me and why I started to blog. For me it became clear very quicky that sometimes a Facebook status just isn’t enough. I needed a larger place to vent, so a blogging platform seemed like a good idea!
Mainly it is just my diary, a space I can share all my trials and tribulations and maybe even make a few people laugh along the way…
I started a Facebook group a few years ago now called Mummys on the Moors was mainly to find friends at the time, and to find out what was going on in an around the Dartmoor area for mums and children. This page became really useful and now has over 100 members, pretty much running itself, with lots of local people contributing on a daily basis. So my original blog name became Mummy on the Moors. I then discovered Twitter, which i fell in love with, and have since come off Facebook. I now am very focused on this, my new blog site Maid in Dartmoor. Where I will write about what ever I feel like, although obviously being a mummy is the biggest and most important thing in my life, and I will be sharing all of those moments on here to. This is about my Family, my amazing partner and our love of Dartmoor. We also have many other interest and hobbies, including music, something me and my man are very passionate about. I love making things, I am definitely a craftaholic! I am also a qualified Makeup artist, and again the moors is our home and we have an endless amount of ongoing adventures to share with you. All from the comfort of our family home in Dartmoor National Park UK.

I hope you enjoy your enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them, and I am always happy to hear your comments.

Thanks for popping in…
L x

Genius Tesco!

As I have said before I am not blogging for money. I just want to blog about things that make me smile, so hopefully you can enjoy the read without having a brand shoved into your face. (Not that being paid by brands is a bad thing, but I can’t see Tesco asking little old me to write something for them). I am still a newby blogger and I’m not sure I would even know where to start with writing a whole review for something…

Not that anyone has asked me yet…


Our local Tesco is now giving  away free fruit at the door for kids! I’m not sure if all stores are doing this yet or how long they have been doing it for, but how great is that! I have a 2yr old and a 5yr old who I’m sorry to say think that going to do a big shop, means free pick and mix. We did try not to get into this habit, and with my first I rembember being much more organised about snacks. We would always have something heathly, occasionally even organic, in the changing bag. Nowadays it is more about getting out the house with matching shoes and appropriate clothing. My kids do still snack quite well on cheese, raisens, breadsticks and other things. I am afraid to say though that snackbars and buiscuits are the usual, and only thing, that is kicking around in the bottom of our changing bag these days.
My eldest, who has been compleatly spoilt with food, will ask for olives over sweets everytime! She has rather expensive taste for a nearly 6yr old. Brie, muscles, giant prawns and rare breed beef are amoung her top choices of foods, would you believe it! Our other little lady seems to be following suit. Which I am very happy with, but olives from the deli counter usually cost us a small fortune every time we enter anywhere like Tesco.
The younger girl though is the fruitaholic of the family, so walking into Tesco and having her pick of fruit as soon as she gets through the door is brilliant. Our eldest also loves fruit so with any luck we will be breaking away from the deli in no time!

I know, I know… it’s a bit of a con! What the sign should say is “Quiet kids make parents spend more”! But in all honesty if I can hear myself think for the first 15 minutes in the shop. I am more likely to remember what I actually went in for and not have to go down every single isle, just incase I have forgotten something. 

So Ha!

Mummy 1 – 0 Huge Superstore Chain.

Mummy wins! 

I hope you also enjoy this small victory as much as I did …

L x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

Almost a bad day…

I went to Morrisons in a half dazed, late afternoon, had both kids inside on a rainy day, all day, kind of mood! I don’t really do reviews but we were really disappointed with the Apple pie from their Morrison’s Best section, utter balls! Barely any apple and I couldn’t even taste any of the other posh fandangled ingredients that they had listed on the packaging. Just a dry apple flake thing, not quite the gooey yummyness I had in mind. Their best custard was quite good though, thank God! My daze was however lifted by the quick blowy walk on the moor we had on the way home. Fresh, free and amazing views. Very atmospheric as the sun starts to go down at around 5pm and the clouds are whipping past. It really does blow the cobwebs out. I turned and looked at my 5yr old who was standing on top of a rock (small, flat rock), with her eyes closed and her arms out to her sides, really soaking it all in. Amazing. We just managed to grab 40 minutes in between rain showers. It really is a lovely thing just jumping out of the car, picking a tree on the horizon and walking to it. 

After the lovely walk my mood was then to be struck down by the shoddy apple pie, although I also bought a raspberry and chocolate cheesecake which I am about to cosume entirely (I mean share) with my other half. This was also from the best section, the cake not my other half…I don’t think you can pick him up in Morrison’s! If that fails I also bought doughnuts, which in my opinion can never fail. Don’t judge me, it was a 3 dessert kind of day! 

L x

I'm not Blogging for Money

I have been very busy this weekend reading lots and lots of pages on how to make money from your blog. There are hundreds of blogs telling you how to use Ad words and doing reviews to make a bit of extra cash, then you get to the bottom of the blog where there’s usually a “How to” course you can sign up to for a small fee! Then I realised that’s not why I started blogging, I just wanted to have a outlet for myself to ramble on about whatever I want. If anyone reads it that is a bonus and of course if they enjoy it brilliant! I didn’t even consider getting paid for it untill I saw all the money making blogs poping up everwhere. The other thing I keep reading is find your niche, a subject you want to talk about and then stick to it, because it could be confusing for your readers if you do lots of diffrent things. Well If you have read any of my other blogs then you will know that sticking to one thing isn’t really something I am great at. I like to try new things and whilst I am always going to be a mummy and I could quite easily keep telling all of of many great stories about them, and i still will be, I want to talk about more than my lovely kiddos. I have many interest, I love music, films and books. I have a huge passion for makeup and that will always keep me busy. I love living in Dartmoor and that is also a never-ending world of adventures I want to share and log.

I have also written about mental health recently and I have read lots I other people’s stories. I read on someone’s page that she had mental health before it was cool. That made me laugh as there is alot about it at the moment and that’s great, but somone living with depression doesn’t really want to talk constantly about it. Although I considered that maybe that could be my “subject” and I could possibly help others. I want to be positive and find other things to distract myself. Because that is how I get better, by keeping busy and not going over old ground. So that topic was out the window, and to be able to keep blogging I will have to be able to talk about whatever I fancy at the time. I have read a great book reasently which I am looking forward to sharing. I’m just brushing up my reviewing skills then I will post my first ever book review. Exciting!

I have been painting this weekend and I have remembered how much I enjoy it. I have been out shopping for new brushes and paints. I am a big crafty person, but with the depression,  I am at absolute peace when I am making something,  I am in my own little creative bubble and I love it. My partner has even suggested that I could get an easel in the workshop, you never know I may even try selling some. I have a few domain names for website’s ready and waiting just incase Van Lisa makes the big time! Again if people want to pay for it, it is a bonus, I am doing it for me. 

So here’s to doing whatever the hell you feel like, and I am sorry if you feel confused…
Stay posted! Lisa x

Girls in Construction

Just a quick blog. I witnessed something very special this morning and I just have to share my little moment of joy with the world.

My 5yrold put on her daddy’s construction helmet this morning to wear at school,  this is for Barnardos children’s charity, something called Hat Day. They are to wear a hat showing what they want to be when they grow up! Although dressing up throughout the school year can quite often been a massive pain in the arse. It’s amazing how many times in one year you can find an excuse to dress up your small people. This one though bought me pure happiness this morning. One of those moments you can store in your mind forever and remind her of when she’s an adult.

She put on the hat and said “I am going to draw houses, and daddy is going to build them, then I can go to work with him everday!” Absolutely heart melting. I have to say it was very entertaining trying to teach her the word architect over breakfast… 😂  Fingers crossed she remembered when she got there!

Depression and Me. 

I’m not religious in anyway but this a nice picture in Torbay hospital Chappel. A bit of hope is never a bad thing….

I have wanted to write this blog for soo long. It really is the hardest thing to write about and I have massive respect for anyone who does. Depression is such a taboo subject, it crap. Just when you need to talk about it most the world throws a big wall in your face. Well iv had enough, partly because feeling this crapy makes me loose all sence of giving a shit. Iv struggled and struggled for years with depression, trying to hide it, trying to beat it. Iv actually had one of my closest friends tell me it just and excuse! Well it’s not, it is not normal to hit these massive, self destruction lows. Depression, weather it’s a chemical unbalance or just a fault in your upbringing, it’s just not nice! I have lived and just about coped with it for probably 20 years. It officially hit me first that with my first child, I ignored it and tried to push through.  The worst of it did subside by the time she was probably around 1yr old. I then went on a few years later to have another little miracle, this time was worse. It it the scariest thing in the world to be the happiest you have ever been, but yet feel like the walls are closing in on you. I love my girls more than anything. The worst feeling for me, and everyone’s circumstances are diffrence,  is that I am happy. I have a great life and im beyond blessed and lucky. I’m in love with a great man, I live in a gorgeous home. I have two amazing children. So… feeling unhappy is not a welcome thing!  I could go on and on about how I look back at situations in my life where I probably was depressed to some extent. Iv made massive mistakes in my life and i will always own them, I’m not going to blame depression because of what I have done!?  It may well have been a contributing factor…. not the point. Anyway I have alot of respect for anyone who has ever had to take any sort of medication. Also that has posted or blogged about it. You are a fighter. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you are ready not. Hugs from me and if you want to chat I am always listening. It’s OK not to be OK xx

Bloggers Block.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one this has happened to, I’m very new at this blogging thing. I thought it would be much easier, I was sure I’d have loads to talk about, but I seem to have hit a wall. So I thought I’d just start writing and see what happens…

I obviously have my two little inspirations to write about but other than they slept really well last night iv got nothing! Oh actually my toddlers going through this really annoying thing where I have to be constantly looking at her every move. All day I hear “look mummy” “LOOK MUMMY!” I do all the singing and dancing praise I can muster each time and look intently at her latest dance move, or listen to the new squeaky high pitched noise she can now do… But still over and over again….           “Look Mummy!” 

Errm… I have decided that I can’t wear anything red in January as it just brings back the whole Christmas thing, not that Christmas is a bad thing, we had a really lovely Christmas. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right to wear red in the month after December, probably because I completely over did the red theme. Red jumper, red decorations, red paper, red nails…it goes on!

I also decided last month that I am not ever going to leave my house without putting my eyebrows and lashes on. Not a new years resolutions just positive me stuff. Also that I will never buy and wear a cheap bra again, because those three little thing make ME feel good everyday. A good bra is a really “uplifting” thing,  I may have breastfed two children and let my boobs go a little! Not that I had much choice, they were always going to end up going in that direction anyway. I really can’t tell you how plump and fabulous you feel when you are fitted properly and buy a good quality bra. 

January… January… what else happened… I can tell you that I’m sick of seeing Trumps big white head everywhere I look. I have lots of opinions on this but I have decided to keep them to myself for now, and not jump on the crazy Trump Train. Like Michael Jackson said “You have got to let it simmer”. 

Now it is February,  the month that nobody can pronounce properly! Stole that from one of the presenters on Heart radio. It’s my month… all mine. My birthday and Valentines day, I love having a winter birthday it is at the start of a new year but not in shitty skint January.  It’s cold and frosty and you can snuggle up by the fire with books every evening. No one else in my family has a February birthday. So I have officially claimed the whole month. 

Ahh the weather… no its not boring to talk about the weather! We love the weather in this house. So much so that we actually moved higher on to the Moors to really experience all it pros and cons, amoungst other reasons of course. So far this week I have whizzed my way up the road on the school run through snow, heavy rain and wind that was so strong it was actually a little scary. The wind was so load through the chimneys in my house it kept most of us up all night. The snow fall created a slippery sludgy like covering on the wet floor, very entertaining trying to get a buggy around. A buggy which i managed to squeeze both my 5yr old and 2yr old in, so they were both sheltered by the rain cover, very heavy buggy! Every time I’m all cosy and dry in the house I think oh no, school run in the crappy weather again. I haul myself and my toddler out into the cold, and everytime i love it. As soon as you are out there pushing through the winds and rain it really does make you feel alive, and it makes coming home all the more satisfying and cosy.

Last satisfying thing for today… my shopping is about be delivered. Fewer things make me happier than having all the cupboards and draws filled with food on a Saturday morning. Brilliant… 

Well I did describe myself as a random blogger. Apparently its not that hard either, once you get going… xx

Have a happy weekend x