I have a .com!

I have finally bitten the bullet and bought a .com! 

I am very excited and I have updated my page a little, this is all still very new to me and I am not technology wizz, so please bare with me if some of the buttons, linkys, widgets and other bits and bobs don’t quite work properly!

I just wanted to share my new welcome page with you. Hopefully this gives a little more insight as to what my page will be about. 

Thankyou again for following and reading, I know everyone says this, but it really does mean alot. X

Here it is… Eeeek!

Hello and welcome to my ramblings…
My name is Lisa and this is my blog…  Here is a little about me and why I started to blog. For me it became clear very quicky that sometimes a Facebook status just isn’t enough. I needed a larger place to vent, so a blogging platform seemed like a good idea!
Mainly it is just my diary, a space I can share all my trials and tribulations and maybe even make a few people laugh along the way…
I started a Facebook group a few years ago now called Mummys on the Moors was mainly to find friends at the time, and to find out what was going on in an around the Dartmoor area for mums and children. This page became really useful and now has over 100 members, pretty much running itself, with lots of local people contributing on a daily basis. So my original blog name became Mummy on the Moors. I then discovered Twitter, which i fell in love with, and have since come off Facebook. I now am very focused on this, my new blog site Maid in Dartmoor. Where I will write about what ever I feel like, although obviously being a mummy is the biggest and most important thing in my life, and I will be sharing all of those moments on here to. This is about my Family, my amazing partner and our love of Dartmoor. We also have many other interest and hobbies, including music, something me and my man are very passionate about. I love making things, I am definitely a craftaholic! I am also a qualified Makeup artist, and again the moors is our home and we have an endless amount of ongoing adventures to share with you. All from the comfort of our family home in Dartmoor National Park UK.

I hope you enjoy your enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them, and I am always happy to hear your comments.

Thanks for popping in…
L x

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