Everyone loves a Bargain. 

For all those bargain hunting mums out there! I thought I would share some of my latest finds and diy/decorating skills. If you can call them skills that is, I would probably just call it an eye for a bargain. 

I find all sorts of things from all sorts of places. I have an image in my mind, from lots of skimming through home magazines and glancing at Pinterest, I then go and see what I can find to make it work. I think to do this you really do have to have a plan and a colour scheme, or at least a theme. That way a bit like a magpie with shiney things, they should just jump out at you! My chap usually thinks I’m mad when I find for example, half price spotty green and blue thermal kitchen curtains online, that I just have to have! He will admit though that it does usually come together quite well in the end…

So we have two girls who we try to keep as far away as possible from barbie pink and sparkly purple, although I do think Barbie herself could do with a more curvy makeover, we are not against it completly. In fact as I am writing this now my eldest is colouring in a My little Pony book with her new sparkly pencils, and my youngest has just been to the shops in a tutu! We try and keep them as outdoorsy as possible, they couldn’t really not be outdoors girls where we live! Luckily they do love getting messy and being outside but little girls do like pink, so here is how I made our 5yr old’s room…

Ta Da…

We went for pink! Yep pink ha ha! But… with lime green and natural woods, so starting from the top I found this net curtain for about £3 from China. I don’t know how many people do this but we use an app called Ali Express. Things do take around a month to appear but the bargains are well worth the wait. Be warned though there are millions of products and it is highly addictive! If you are not in a hurry though it is great. The cushion covers were £4 from eBay, we already had the actual cushions. The wooden deer picture was from Next, this is my favourite piece in her room and unfortunately was not a bargain at around £20, but I just loved it so there we are! Curtains as I said above were half price online from a curtain site, £10 for each set, so as you will see the blue ones are in the youngests room. Bedding for both girls were 12.99 each on Amazon.Wooden hearts you can pick up everywhere from home departments at the moment, I think this one was about £7 from The Range. We payed 2.99 for the pink bin again from a home discount store. The bunting, which goes across a whole wall spelling out her name, was from a friend when she was born. The most recent addition is the butterfly wall hangings, Lidls have a spring range of craft accessories at the moment which I was delighted to find! As all the bits were within my colour scheme, for both girls rooms. They are cheap and great quality. I have bought wooden items from Lidls before in the form of a hedgehog and a squirrel, who now live in the play room, and they were also beautiful and a bargain.. So I highly recommend having a dig around in their seasonal baskets. Finally we picked up the bookcase with pink and lime decoration on the sides from Spock, a local selling app for £10. I’m quite pleased with how it has all turned out. It is still a little girls room but I think its quite toned down, without a princess or ballerina in site! 

Room 2.

Not as many pieces in this room as we are still picking up things, and this is the 2yr old’s room, so not much is needed. The big wall butterfly in the centre was £15 from The Range and it alone is why the theme became butterfly’s. The colours also followed and became orange and blue. We picked up the Chair as a “freebie” from somewhere my partner was working a few years ago! The curtains, bedding and wall hangings I have talked about already.. The rug was another China bargain at around £6.

And that’s the lot, I love picking up bits for our home and it something I have been doing for years now. If you are just starting out decorating your brand new home. Or if you are just redecorating…

1. You have a blank canvas and I’m jealous! Although I know some people make a good career out of designing homes it is just a hobby for me.. I don’t think my family would be too pleased if I constantly changed it around everywhere, or kept on making them move house! 

2. Enjoy it and take your time. One thing I have learnt from moving house 3 times in the last 6 years is to take your time with things.. It doesn’t all have to be perfect strait away and as my man would say putting things somewhere temporarily, usually with a busy young family, means that they will probably stay there permanently.. So choose wisely! 

Go find those Bargains! 

L x

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