My Prison Break. 

I am so pleased that I have finally decided to write this down, this is my story of how we ended up living in the highest village in Dartmoor. 

Princetown is a small village in the middle of the high moor. Most famously housing the massive Dartmoor Prison… It really is huge and the amazing orange glow from the floodlights at night is something that you really have to see to believe. From our garden we could probably throw a stone and get it through the barred windows, not that I would advise attempting it! So why an earth did I move here?!

First of all the weather is truly unpredictable and unexplainable, for us being total weather geeks, this is brilliant. Our first winter up here has been so exciting. Its forecast to snow again later on today, which means my partner is glued to his weather apps and other forecast predicting websites, and I am like a dog at the window on high alert. The best part though is being the first ones out there when the snow settles, beating all of the other snow hunters to find that untouched piece of heaven, where you get to leave only your footprints behind.
The house we found up here is really lovely and of course that was the decider on moving and the fact that the school run now takes me all of 10 minutes on foot, there and back is also fab! Whilst being this close to a prison may slightly hinder your housing price… I’m pretty sure if there were any escapees, we in the village would be first to know, and how often does this really happen anyway! Someone once said to me that if a prisoner did escape im sure they would be trying to get as far away as possible from the village, and not popping in to the local shop for a quick loaf of bread. I have only read a little history on the prison so far (i know, bad local) *slaps own hand*, so I don’t know how many convicts have actually attempted the prison wall. A bit of advise to those who do though, winter is not the best time to go running around on the Moor unprpaired! 

I haven’t just picked Princetown off a map and gone for it, we have some family up here who have lived in the village their whole lives, infact I have family members in the church yard. I only discovered this when we came to view our property. My mum came along as we wondered around the village and she showed us the church. I can’t tell you how grounded and homely I felt at that moment, knowing I was going to be the next generation in Princetown and that we would be bringing up our daughters here. It really was a moment I will never forget.

I also remember driving up here as a little girl to visit family. That same feeling always used to come to me as we drove past the prison… Now I know how strange this about to sound, but I loved the prison.. The feeling of it being soo big and mysterious, and me being so small compared to it. I remember being aloud to get out of the car for a few moments for a better look and staring it at from a distance. Here is where my obbsession with prisons began!
I don’t know what it is, and the more I’m writing this the more of an oddball I am feeling, but I really do like prisons. It is all historical buildings really, I could also go on and on about Castles, but I will save that for another time. I have never really wanted to work in a prison, although I have considered it, as it is just on my doorstep. I would just like to have a nose around really but I’m pretty they don’t do day trips! It just fascinates me. I’m also a big lover of these big american tv shows like Orange is the new Black, Criminal Minds and Prison Break (hence the blog title). American tv shows get a bit of a hard time in the Uk, It might just be America in general! I on the other hand love America, I visited there when I was a young girl and I can’t help but think it’s great. You get all sorts of everything in America, the diversity is brilliant, the people and the places are all filled with charachter/s. So I love a good high intensity crime drama, the cheeseyer the better for me… 

For me Princetown is great and I can see us living here for years to come..

I have actually run towards the prison, probably something quite unusual! So as I think you will agree, we were meant to be here. It may not be for everybody, but it suits us just fine…. 

And I will keep you posted on the snow! 

L x

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