Picturesque Fernworthy and Chagford. 

Possibly the most beautiful picnic spot in the UK. Fernworthy reservoir is truly an outstanding place to visit.  The fresh moors air, the scenic landscape of rolling hills, rippling water and wondrous beauty. This is a great family hideaway that should not be missed out on. We visited on a sunny spring day, when the water was shimmering in the sun and even the small stones in the path were glittering.  The buds on the trees were all coming out, gorse was in blossom and bumblebees were collecting.  

Me and water have always been a match made in heaven, yes I am one of those people that gets in the sea most of the year round! Whether it’s the sea, the river or even the bath it has always been something I am fond of.  The water was still and perfect, the sun was shining and we as a family had all gone out for the day. We were not disappointed, we stopped off first in the lovely Chagford.  A great little town that is filled with a variety of excellent independent shops.  The Dartmoor Dairy is a must for cheeses, and we also stocked up in the Deli for our picnic. With an abundance of food including stuffed olives, vegetable crisps and pork pies. We then drove the few miles up the hill to Fernworthy reservoir. 

Right next to the car park is the picnic area so easy it’s very easy to spot. It’s a stunning location with an amazing view over the water.  There are then several walks, the big one goes all the way around the reservoir and takes 2-3 hours.  This time though we went for the shorter 30 minute stroll, but we can usually add an extra half our or so to these timings with our little ones! After all its about the journey and not the final destination. It is also wheel chair friendly up to the main viewing points.  There is then the chance to gaze over the top of the massive reservoir and view the endless amounts of water flow down to the river below.  The sound is incredible and there is also a winding steeper track that leads down to a bridge, with a perfect pebble throwing area at the bottom. You can then choose to keep walking or head back as we did. A lovely spot too spend a family afternoon. I would highly recommended a visit.  

L x

Why Dartmoor is the best place to learn to ride a bike… 

When you think of Dartmoor you think of it as an amazing dramatic landscape, full of winding paths, granite tors and incredible views. Amongst many other things it is also a well known biking destination for the more experienced cyclist. We have recently discovered that it can also be great for beginners too, we found that there are many flat and grassy areas on Dartmoor. There are also lots of places that do not have scatterings of big granite rocks. These flat grass lands can be found all over, and they can be very large and open spaces perfect for young children. We are teaching our eldest to ride a bike at the moment, and large open spaces are what we have been hunting for! As you may know in the early days of learning to ride, going in a straight line is the best way to start, and to be able to just keep peddling is a great confidence builder.

The ground is also great for a soft squidgy landing. As you can imagine its more like landing on hundreds of years worth of moss rather than grass. There are also plenty of places with no rocks around, perfect for beginners. The cool breeze that is often present is also great for parents who are having to run around like mad hatters.

Do please be aware of our pony friends though, they really will not bother you if you stay at a kind distance, and there is plenty of room for everyone. Another note to anyone who may be taking their lunch with them whilst on a bike riding Dartmoor afternoon. When taking your car to find that perfect spot, if you leave your car boot open with your lunch inside, keep your eyes peeled for pony looking for an easy snack! True story, we were off running around after the little ones and when we turned around to check the car, we had about six ponies tucking in to the food in our boot.

An ideal environment to learn to ride a bike. A beautiful place to make those special memories, and something that we will keep with us forever. With a little bit of added inspiration from the many pro riders you will see whipping past. A great positive start for our budding future cyclist. 

L x

I think I just became an Adult! 

I am happy and willing to share my age, I am 29. I am not sure at what point women start to get concerned about sharing their age, maybe some women don’t ever feel that way.  What the reason is for the discreetness, I am not entirely sure, but I have not found myself at that point yet. Age is a weird thing, you would think popping a couple of children into the world would have made me an official adult, but that’s not really how it was for me. I think the massive change of having children made me feel smaller and younger than ever before. It was like learning who to be all over again, a different kind of person, a mum with real responsibilities… Ahhh! However the change has been for the better and now my kiddies are a little bit bigger, today I attempted to put myself back out there into the real world. I can no longer get away with saying I’m a young maid or blame mishaps on my youth! As I also have a few lines crawling from the corners of my eyes and even doctors are starting to look like school children…  I decided it was time to get back to “work”. I have worked a little over the last five years, but I have been lucky enough to stay at home most of the time with my children… out of choice! I’m not really sure if I can call what I am doing at the moment as work.  I am writing/blogging for myself and fitting it in and around my kids and other responsibilities. I would probably class it as a hobby but that’s also good thing. Really though, I am just trying to keep myself busy, or some may say… out of mischief. 

I was quite nervous when I got up in the morning, as I had never been to a networking event before! The thought of having to speak in public terrifies me.  I had no idea what I was walking into, whether I was going to have to introduce myself to a crowd or if I was just going to be out of my depth completely.  I didn’t know what to wear, or if I even had any business type clothes that fit since having children.  Or if I even remembered how to talk to adults, what if I accidentally excused myself to go for a “wee wee”, or some other childlike quote came out of my mouth! Did I still have the lingering smell from the last nappy change on me, the one that I had to sort out a few minutes before getting out of the door! As daunting as it was just going to say “Hello” to people, especially hard as I was going to promote myself.  I found some clean appropriate clothes and I just had to go for it.

I wasn’t half, or even a tiny bit as terrifying as I thought it could have been, in the many scenarios I had imagined in the previous days. It was very relaxed, the people were very nice and easy to talk to.  Although I may have picked up several of the same leaflets, whilst motivating myself to go and talk to people.  Dare I say it I think it went quite well, and I have lots of new ideas and possible opportunities to enjoy.  So I can now tap away to my heart’s content about the things and places that I love and see what happens.  I’m feeling all grown up, inspired and quite adult like.  This really is great for me because no matter what comes of it, being myself as well as being a mummy is something that I have found rather tricky at times.  Now I’m all Go Go Go, and my twiddling thumbs have something to focus on whilst the little ones are in school. My mum was so pleased that I had found myself something to do, she immediately went out a bought me a file to put my leaflets in! Which is very handy…  because I picked up a lot! 

My first few months of Blogging life seem to be going rather well, I seem to have become a real life adult type person, and I am feeling positive.  So Horrah, and if any of the people I met today read this I look forward to working forward to working with you, and thank you very much for making me feel welcome.  

L x

Viva España

10 reasons why we keep going back to Spain…

1. We have young children and the flight for us to Spain is only two hours long. If you have ever flown with little people you will know the importance of trying to get the timings just right. We have managed a four hour flight before now, but only just by the skin of our teeth! We couldn’t even manage to drink a hot drink with all the limbs flapping around in our designated tiny space. I read somewhere that for a man, it was something like having a tiny leprechaun dancing on your testicles for several hours! For women its a mind curling tactical endeavour, you may as well just shave your hair off before you leave. To entertain a toddler that has an attention span of under five minutes for a whole four hours, in a space you wouldn’t even keep your rabbit, is a considerable challenge! If you have more than one child you can easily times the difficulty rating by the amount of children you have and then double it! So for us, whilst they are young, it has to be a daytime or afternoon flight so that nobody entirely falls apart or god forbid misses a whole nights sleep entirely. 

2. It is not overly hot. We love the heat and did once end up being in a heatwave in southern Spain. I think it reached forty degrees on one of the days. This is not a great temperature to try and wonder around a pretty little town, with a sweaty baby strapped into your buggy, and a rather limp four year old looking up at you.  It is usually a maximum of 35 degrees, depending on what time of year you go.  For us anything from 25 to 35 is comfortable. I like to be able to actually walk on the sand and to feel confident that a high factor sun cream is going to be enough to keep our little ones safe.  We have ventured to places over forty degrees on holiday and as you can imagine it is just not fun.  

3. The people are friendly, I’m sure that lots of people are friendly all over the world, I am also just as sure that some Spanish people are not as friendly as other’s, but from my experiences our family enjoy the nature of the Spanish people we have met.  They are not too “in your face”, they seem to be understanding of family’s and love children.  I have also never felt pressured to buy something in a Spanish shop, something that has unfortunately happened to us in other countries. 

4. Spain has most things, from stunning mountain ranges to beautiful beaches, remote villages to lively city’s. We have bathed on white sandy beaches, climbed to churches on the top of mountains, swam under waterfalls and driven though endless amounts of orange groves. We try to have a different type of adventure each time we visit. We feel it really does have a bit of everything, and in southern Spain nothing is a million miles away. 

5. You know what you are going to get. We have found it to be a relaxed and leisurely country. When we want a quick get away, we head for the Calpe/Alicante area, we know what’s around there and how much variety there is.  This way we can’t go wrong. 

6. We have a regular car hire company that we know is good and reliable. We have found a company that has worked for us every time.  No awful horror stories of unreturned deposits of misleading paperwork, just good clean cars. We fly into the same place every time so we know exactly where to go and what to expect from them. I can’t however say that driving on the other side of the road comes as naturally every time, but after an hour or so it does seem to all click back into place.  

7. Self catering.  I know you can do this in most places but I think it is nice to have an idea of your area before you jump into going self catering with young children. If you don’t know the country at all then this can be very daunting as little people can get hungry… well they’re always hungry! We have done all inclusive before but quite frankly, we felt like robots being told what times and where to eat every day. I think having to queue for food on holiday, just doesn’t really feel like you’re on holiday.  The other downside is a lot of these all inclusive places have dinner quite late, this can also be difficult with little ones. We have found that some places do an early dinner for children, but we prefer to eat as a family. The best option by far would be breakfast and board. This way you can go down for a huge varied breakfast that will set you up for a big day of memories, and you don’t have to worry about what time to get back for lunch or dinner.  

8. Euros are easy to deal with. So eating out and shopping doesn’t have to be a maths challenge. For example 1 euro is similar to 1 pound, rather than say, 1000 rupees being the same as 1 pound! All you have to workout is your exchange rate, I find that this is much easier, and more importantly quicker to workout.

9. Very importantly we feel safe, relaxed and we don’t feel like we are being ripped off at any given opportunity… What you see is what you get, that being said my final reason is… 

10. Food!!!!! I cannot emphasize enough how lovely the food is in Spain.  We are big foodies so this is why I have left food to talk about untill now.  Spanish food is fresh, comforting and its full of great flavours and ingredients.  Walking into a Spanish supermarket is probably one of my absolute favourite things to do. If you love seafood you will not be disappointed… 

Even if you don’t, there are copious amounts of meat products and vegetables to satisfy everyone.  We usually save half a suitcase free, to fill with as much chorizo as we can manage, because nothing quite compares to the real Spanish thing. It’s also a great excuse to go back when you have run out! 

I believe that we have got it so very wrong in our country when it comes to food.  The variety of tomatoes, olives, meat products and fish is just phenomenal, and the prices are even better. Why on earth the UK supermarkets think we all want red round tomatoes is beyond me! I love being able to choose fruit and vegetables because they look unusual and smell amazing, not because they are a certain shade of red and are perfectly round! Everything has been massively over farmed and sadly uniformed at home, being in a Spanish supermarket is a breath of fresh fragrant air. If you enjoy cooking or just eating in general.. Please do not go to Spain all inclusive, we bought these prawns, clams and muscles for just pence! 

They were fresh, local, huge and tasted incredible.  I could go on and on sharing pictures of the food we have made whilst on holiday in Spain, and I also have quite a few pictures of inside the supermarkets! I have picked just a few of my favourites, hoping to convince you to give it a go, and also to go self catering. We do like to holiday to other places but on the times when we really just want and need a good holiday, this is where we go and why we keep going back! I know everybody’s ideal holiday is very different but for me and my family good food is a must, and great seafood makes our holidays! Also the other contributing factors help, and anywhere that thinks having a nap in the middle of the day is ok…  Is fine with me! 

Long live Spain 

L x

The Helpful Hiker


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You Baby Me Mummy

My Big Broody Blog

Ok I am officially broody and I have “baby brain”!  I thought baby brain was something that only happened in the last few months of pregnancy and in the early new-born days, when you can’t even remember what day it is. Or if you are anything like me, I think I used baby brain as an excuse for just about everything I did, or didn’t do, for the first six month’s of parenthood. Apparently this is not the case and your mind can indeed become a complete boggle at many other times during motherhood.  

There are just so many questions that you feel like you need to have the answers to during parenthood.  It feels just as daunting to me, whether it’s the first, third of ninth time, that we bring a new person into the world. (I couldn’t resist writing a large number in there, there’s no way I would actually ever make it to nine or even five for that matter!) Of course it will always be a huge and amazing time for anyone. Maybe in some ways the first time is probably the easiest, at least when you don’t now how truly drained you are actually going to be, you can’t comprehend or worry about it too much. On the other hand, I did have another baby knowing full well what being a parent is all about. My little beans are my world and although some days my mind, body and soul are all utterly excused, I wouldn’t change them for the whole world. My only thought on adding another little one to the party is being sure that I really do have enough of me, to give to each of them. 

So is it the right time? Shall we do IT all over again? Are we ready? Am I ready? Are the girls ready? Are we financially ready?

Too many questions… The facts are that, I can’t even remember the last time I painted my nails, I’m in my pyjamas at every possible moment I can get away with it. I wear my hair up way too often these days, and don’t even get me started on how much dry shampoo I must get through a month! What will happen to me if we put another small person into the equation. Will my poor chap ever get a sexy woman living with him again? Is he ok with that? Will sex go out the window completely? I definitely know he will not be ok with that! That’s a blog for another day though… He really is great and we do manage to fit it in… Just about…

My body on the other hand will not be happy about it. I have struggled with back and hip pain through both of my pregnancies. Unfortunately for me, If I have any hope of being able to walk in the final trimester, I will need to loose at least a stone or two before I get pregnant again. Hence I have also blogged about my running attempts recently and I am continuing to try to be healthier in general. All the other things, like stretch marks and the fact that my boobs are very nearly down to my knees, doesn’t really bother me! I am proud of my “mummy body” and well… the damage has already been done, and I’m more than ok with that.  

The embarrassing part of being so broody is, that I am staring at other babies way to much. Seriously I am babbling away and making goofy faces at anyone under the age of one everywhere! It’s even worse if they are male, I can’t stop myself, it’s like there is no one else in the room and I am in La La land with their squishy little faces! At any given opportunity to hold a baby at one of the toddler groups we attend, I can be seen flying across the room trying to sneak my way in somewhere, trying to grab a quick cuddle with the smallest person that is around me. 

I have two pink ones and I would so love a blue one, I know it’s a cliché that everyone doesn’t or shouldn’t mind what sex there baby is as long as they are healthy. I really don’t mind at all, but I would love a little boy and I know my partner would also like a son.  If it is a pink one though I do not believe I will be writing another blog similar to this in a few years time. Having over three girls would be utter madness…  I completely hold my hands up to anyone who has more than three girls. Having two is terrifying, even at the ages of just two and five, and if they are going to be anything like me when they get to teenagers… I am sooo screwed! So four girls will not be happening…  ever…  full stop. 

I have rambled on a lot about moving recently in my other blogs, but this means that we now have lots of room so that isn’t an issue anymore. Reading this back through, it might be the only thing that’s not an issue, but never the less, I am not going to fill the rooms up just for the fun of it. 

My two year old seems to be looking bigger and bigger by the second,  I know she is still dinky and is only just two, but she is becoming more and more independent by the day.  If I was to get pregnant any time soon it would also, without a doubt, spur me on to potty train her much quicker. The idea of having two different sizes of nappies in the house also makes my head spin and is another big No No for me! Then if she is out of nappies she really won’t be a baby anymore, she will be an big, fully grown, nursery attending toddler.  This officially means there will be no babies in our home. 

Her hair has even got long enough to plait… 

So it must be time to have another one! Really though, is any time a “good time” to have a baby? I know for sure, that there is plenty of love to go around in our family, and that is all that really matters…  Right?… 

L x

Twin Mummy and Daddy

My Next Experience. 

I am having a very love/hate relationship with Next at the moment. I am desperately trying to stay positive as I have always had a bit of a secret Next crush…

It started when they gave me a storecard. I can remember it like it was yesterday, when that little card popped through the post all crisp and new.  Budgeting has not always been a strong point of mine and moving into a new house recently was only the begining of my little Next problem. I have now got the fireplace, and all I need is that little something for putting my feet or a tea on. I then found a great bargain in Lidls, a nice wooden T.V tray, that would look just lovely all set up in front of the fire with a cuppa on it and some biscuits maybe… So obviously, I then needed something to sit the tray on as soon as possible. As we have two young children bowling around the house and our living room is a “go between” room, meaning the kitchen is on one side of it, and the play room is on the other. If you have children you will be able to visualize the speedy pace of small people playing, oh so nicey, darting around the house! So a hard cornered coffee table is most definatley out of the equation… A big round poof or footstall…  That’s what we need! 

I went straight to next online for my must have footstall. To put it nicely, they were a bit pricey… a small fortune! I was not planning on spending hundreds on this idea. Lets go and look at the Sale, oh my, there are loads of foot stalls in the Sale. Wow! But even in the sale they were far too much for what I was trying to achieve. 

Oooh, new shiny catalogue has arrived! What’s in this I wonder… Noooo way… Big checked footstall, eh hurm, with storage! £100 Sold! And now I have to have to the matching curtains…  

New shiney catalogue usually means… new shiney sale! I will look in the sale for some matching curtains. Would you believe the excact matching curtains were there, in the sale! Right size….yay… add to basket…  yay! Have a quick brouse at the rest of the sale items and go to checkout….  Where’s my curtains? Errr…  go to online chat with sales rep, okay… Hello, Where are my curtains? Not to worry they are in stock, I will just pass you to the relevant people to pay… Horrah! 

“Hello I’m relevant person… Oh I’m very sorry, they are not showing up on my screen they must have gone”….

No, the nice happy lady said they were just there… “I’m sorry they are gone and they will not be coming back in”…

What!?  But… happy lady?  Where are my curtains! Ok. Thank you very much for your time… *sniff* 

Ok I will have to look at the regular priced curtains to see if any are similar. Really Next… There are some that are ever so slightly diffrent, but conveniently would still match the poof! 

And now I’m paying full price for these oh so perfect curtains… *huff*

But they are here now, and I do really like them… 

To cheer myself up and not be beaten, I must now look through the sale again in womenswear and find myself a complete bargain. To of course leave on a high and not fall out with my beloved Next. I now have a lovely new snuggly scarf, a jumper, slippers and some wellies for the kiddos.  I would have suggested that the man had a look and got something too, but he has already had his fallings out with the Next app. Everytime he looks through the Men’s stuff by the time he’s got to the basket his sizes have gone, or the App has reset itself and there isn’t anything at all in the basket! 

Anyway today not undeterred I had a chat with my partner, about our dining room chairs needing replacing and that I had seen some great discounted ones in the Next clearance…

Every single dining chair that was in the clearance, as soon as I put it in the basket it was sold out… six different types! 

Next, I am obviously a big fan, and as I well know technical hitches like this happen all the time… But if they are sold out… Then please, BLOODY REMOVE THE ITEMS! 

Thank you for your time.

Pictures of my “poof” will be on my Instagram in 2-3 weeks! *Yay!*


Dear Mystery Running Lady

To the lady who smiled at me whilst you were on your run. I have no idea if you are local or if you just recognized me, you may of smiled just because you could… For whatever reason you made me stop for a second and think, whilst I was shoving my giant buggy up the hill! You breezed past us with your dog and I thought, I really need to start running again! I haven’t done any exercise, except for the odd bit if yoga at home, since we moved here. That was 9 months ago, we have the most amazing area to run around in, so no more excuses…

GOAL… To be hot! Maybe have another baby next year!? Having babies for me requires as much weight loss as I can manage before hand due to some hip and lower back problems. Also the fact that I cant resist cake at the best of times, especially not whilst pregnant! Feel healthy. Be role model to current children, and i’m sure there’s a bonus in there for my man aswell! Here is a snapshot of my note pad, this is me trying to prepare myself…. 

So off I went this morning, one child in school and the other in nursery, all geared up! I dusted off my trainers and….

 I was running!! (Forest gump moment)!

It was sooo terrible, not even just a little bit bad, bloody awful! I got massive sore blisters pretty much instantly. Honestly I have never had such huge blisters, I nearly shared a picture of those too, but my better half advised against such gross behavior! So you will just have to take my word for it when I say “they are huge!” I have got an ok pair of running trainers,  I have had for a while and they have never caused me any problems before. I put some quite thick trainer socks on and the ground is slightly more uneven that I’m used to but… I don’t really know what happened, I had to hobble back with one ancle half hanging out of my shoe, trying to minamize the rubbing! I also wore my yoga trousers thinking they would be great, they’re double layered so nice and warm as it is still only around three degrees outside. They kept falling down, so my middle was freezing and I had to try and run along whilst holding them up! So I was limping, holding up my trousers and clinging on to my partners completely huge inappropriate water bottle… As far a I know, no-one saw me! There was one dog walker on the home strait that I attempted to smile at, but I doubt he felt very inspired! Amazingly though, as it usually does, it still felt great and surprisingly I didn’t stop. All in all I ended up doing 3.5k. I used a couch to 5k app so I walked in-between as the app advises, but I did carry on a little longer after the app had finished. Also I think I may have ran when I was supposed to walk at one point… Mainly just to bloody get home faster! 

Anyway I did something, and I’m pleased… I have just got to keep it up now after my blisters have slightly recovered!

But I will! 

So mystery running lady.  Thankyou very much for smiling. X

L x

Twin Mummy and Daddy