My Next Experience. 

I am having a very love/hate relationship with Next at the moment. I am desperately trying to stay positive as I have always had a bit of a secret Next crush…

It started when they gave me a storecard. I can remember it like it was yesterday, when that little card popped through the post all crisp and new.  Budgeting has not always been a strong point of mine and moving into a new house recently was only the begining of my little Next problem. I have now got the fireplace, and all I need is that little something for putting my feet or a tea on. I then found a great bargain in Lidls, a nice wooden T.V tray, that would look just lovely all set up in front of the fire with a cuppa on it and some biscuits maybe… So obviously, I then needed something to sit the tray on as soon as possible. As we have two young children bowling around the house and our living room is a “go between” room, meaning the kitchen is on one side of it, and the play room is on the other. If you have children you will be able to visualize the speedy pace of small people playing, oh so nicey, darting around the house! So a hard cornered coffee table is most definatley out of the equation… A big round poof or footstall…  That’s what we need! 

I went straight to next online for my must have footstall. To put it nicely, they were a bit pricey… a small fortune! I was not planning on spending hundreds on this idea. Lets go and look at the Sale, oh my, there are loads of foot stalls in the Sale. Wow! But even in the sale they were far too much for what I was trying to achieve. 

Oooh, new shiny catalogue has arrived! What’s in this I wonder… Noooo way… Big checked footstall, eh hurm, with storage! £100 Sold! And now I have to have to the matching curtains…  

New shiney catalogue usually means… new shiney sale! I will look in the sale for some matching curtains. Would you believe the excact matching curtains were there, in the sale! Right size….yay… add to basket…  yay! Have a quick brouse at the rest of the sale items and go to checkout….  Where’s my curtains? Errr…  go to online chat with sales rep, okay… Hello, Where are my curtains? Not to worry they are in stock, I will just pass you to the relevant people to pay… Horrah! 

“Hello I’m relevant person… Oh I’m very sorry, they are not showing up on my screen they must have gone”….

No, the nice happy lady said they were just there… “I’m sorry they are gone and they will not be coming back in”…

What!?  But… happy lady?  Where are my curtains! Ok. Thank you very much for your time… *sniff* 

Ok I will have to look at the regular priced curtains to see if any are similar. Really Next… There are some that are ever so slightly diffrent, but conveniently would still match the poof! 

And now I’m paying full price for these oh so perfect curtains… *huff*

But they are here now, and I do really like them… 

To cheer myself up and not be beaten, I must now look through the sale again in womenswear and find myself a complete bargain. To of course leave on a high and not fall out with my beloved Next. I now have a lovely new snuggly scarf, a jumper, slippers and some wellies for the kiddos.  I would have suggested that the man had a look and got something too, but he has already had his fallings out with the Next app. Everytime he looks through the Men’s stuff by the time he’s got to the basket his sizes have gone, or the App has reset itself and there isn’t anything at all in the basket! 

Anyway today not undeterred I had a chat with my partner, about our dining room chairs needing replacing and that I had seen some great discounted ones in the Next clearance…

Every single dining chair that was in the clearance, as soon as I put it in the basket it was sold out… six different types! 

Next, I am obviously a big fan, and as I well know technical hitches like this happen all the time… But if they are sold out… Then please, BLOODY REMOVE THE ITEMS! 

Thank you for your time.

Pictures of my “poof” will be on my Instagram in 2-3 weeks! *Yay!*


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