My Big Broody Blog

Ok I am officially broody and I have “baby brain”!  I thought baby brain was something that only happened in the last few months of pregnancy and in the early new-born days, when you can’t even remember what day it is. Or if you are anything like me, I think I used baby brain as an excuse for just about everything I did, or didn’t do, for the first six month’s of parenthood. Apparently this is not the case and your mind can indeed become a complete boggle at many other times during motherhood.  

There are just so many questions that you feel like you need to have the answers to during parenthood.  It feels just as daunting to me, whether it’s the first, third of ninth time, that we bring a new person into the world. (I couldn’t resist writing a large number in there, there’s no way I would actually ever make it to nine or even five for that matter!) Of course it will always be a huge and amazing time for anyone. Maybe in some ways the first time is probably the easiest, at least when you don’t now how truly drained you are actually going to be, you can’t comprehend or worry about it too much. On the other hand, I did have another baby knowing full well what being a parent is all about. My little beans are my world and although some days my mind, body and soul are all utterly excused, I wouldn’t change them for the whole world. My only thought on adding another little one to the party is being sure that I really do have enough of me, to give to each of them. 

So is it the right time? Shall we do IT all over again? Are we ready? Am I ready? Are the girls ready? Are we financially ready?

Too many questions… The facts are that, I can’t even remember the last time I painted my nails, I’m in my pyjamas at every possible moment I can get away with it. I wear my hair up way too often these days, and don’t even get me started on how much dry shampoo I must get through a month! What will happen to me if we put another small person into the equation. Will my poor chap ever get a sexy woman living with him again? Is he ok with that? Will sex go out the window completely? I definitely know he will not be ok with that! That’s a blog for another day though… He really is great and we do manage to fit it in… Just about…

My body on the other hand will not be happy about it. I have struggled with back and hip pain through both of my pregnancies. Unfortunately for me, If I have any hope of being able to walk in the final trimester, I will need to loose at least a stone or two before I get pregnant again. Hence I have also blogged about my running attempts recently and I am continuing to try to be healthier in general. All the other things, like stretch marks and the fact that my boobs are very nearly down to my knees, doesn’t really bother me! I am proud of my “mummy body” and well… the damage has already been done, and I’m more than ok with that.  

The embarrassing part of being so broody is, that I am staring at other babies way to much. Seriously I am babbling away and making goofy faces at anyone under the age of one everywhere! It’s even worse if they are male, I can’t stop myself, it’s like there is no one else in the room and I am in La La land with their squishy little faces! At any given opportunity to hold a baby at one of the toddler groups we attend, I can be seen flying across the room trying to sneak my way in somewhere, trying to grab a quick cuddle with the smallest person that is around me. 

I have two pink ones and I would so love a blue one, I know it’s a cliché that everyone doesn’t or shouldn’t mind what sex there baby is as long as they are healthy. I really don’t mind at all, but I would love a little boy and I know my partner would also like a son.  If it is a pink one though I do not believe I will be writing another blog similar to this in a few years time. Having over three girls would be utter madness…  I completely hold my hands up to anyone who has more than three girls. Having two is terrifying, even at the ages of just two and five, and if they are going to be anything like me when they get to teenagers… I am sooo screwed! So four girls will not be happening…  ever…  full stop. 

I have rambled on a lot about moving recently in my other blogs, but this means that we now have lots of room so that isn’t an issue anymore. Reading this back through, it might be the only thing that’s not an issue, but never the less, I am not going to fill the rooms up just for the fun of it. 

My two year old seems to be looking bigger and bigger by the second,  I know she is still dinky and is only just two, but she is becoming more and more independent by the day.  If I was to get pregnant any time soon it would also, without a doubt, spur me on to potty train her much quicker. The idea of having two different sizes of nappies in the house also makes my head spin and is another big No No for me! Then if she is out of nappies she really won’t be a baby anymore, she will be an big, fully grown, nursery attending toddler.  This officially means there will be no babies in our home. 

Her hair has even got long enough to plait… 

So it must be time to have another one! Really though, is any time a “good time” to have a baby? I know for sure, that there is plenty of love to go around in our family, and that is all that really matters…  Right?… 

L x

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