Picturesque Fernworthy and Chagford. 

Possibly the most beautiful picnic spot in the UK. Fernworthy reservoir is truly an outstanding place to visit.  The fresh moors air, the scenic landscape of rolling hills, rippling water and wondrous beauty. This is a great family hideaway that should not be missed out on. We visited on a sunny spring day, when the water was shimmering in the sun and even the small stones in the path were glittering.  The buds on the trees were all coming out, gorse was in blossom and bumblebees were collecting.  

Me and water have always been a match made in heaven, yes I am one of those people that gets in the sea most of the year round! Whether it’s the sea, the river or even the bath it has always been something I am fond of.  The water was still and perfect, the sun was shining and we as a family had all gone out for the day. We were not disappointed, we stopped off first in the lovely Chagford.  A great little town that is filled with a variety of excellent independent shops.  The Dartmoor Dairy is a must for cheeses, and we also stocked up in the Deli for our picnic. With an abundance of food including stuffed olives, vegetable crisps and pork pies. We then drove the few miles up the hill to Fernworthy reservoir. 

Right next to the car park is the picnic area so easy it’s very easy to spot. It’s a stunning location with an amazing view over the water.  There are then several walks, the big one goes all the way around the reservoir and takes 2-3 hours.  This time though we went for the shorter 30 minute stroll, but we can usually add an extra half our or so to these timings with our little ones! After all its about the journey and not the final destination. It is also wheel chair friendly up to the main viewing points.  There is then the chance to gaze over the top of the massive reservoir and view the endless amounts of water flow down to the river below.  The sound is incredible and there is also a winding steeper track that leads down to a bridge, with a perfect pebble throwing area at the bottom. You can then choose to keep walking or head back as we did. A lovely spot too spend a family afternoon. I would highly recommended a visit.  

L x

One thought on “Picturesque Fernworthy and Chagford. 

  1. Michelle says:

    What a gorgeous day for it. I don’t think I’ve been to Fernworthy since I was a little ‘un and right now I’m not really sure why!
    Beautiful photos.
    M x

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