Autumn Thoughts

We have recently moved to the beautifully picturesque & historic Dartmoor town of Chagford.  A place absolutely bursting with creativity at every turn. From the artisan shops to fantastic studios, Chagford is a creative hub, full of inspiration and people living their dreams.

To enjoy the simple pleasures of a peaceful walk is a real delight and it is easy to see where these many talented people get their inspiration from. 

A simple country walk in the autumn Devon countryside is one of those things that few people don’t enjoy.  I just love to walk at this time of year. Everyone should take time from their busy lives to get outside whenever possible to enjoy the benefits for both your body and mind, and I hope this inspires someone to do so.

I realised today that the children were settled both in School and Nursery, meaning I had some precious free time!  Since being a parent of young children, one of which is yet to start school, i rarely have much time to myself, and to have a few hours of “me time” is an opportunity to be grabbed firmly with both hands.  I quickly threw my wellies on and picked up the camera. Taking pictures with a small child hanging from your leg is not always easy, I am sure that most of the wildlife I encountered would have usually been long gone if i had my two thriving young girls thundering along the country paths with me.  

A walk on your own from time to time, to take in every little whisper of wind, and enjoy the quiet patter of raindrops on your coat, and see the delightful ripples the rain makes when it splashes into a puddle, are all simple but enchanting moments. These beautifully natural scenes that we often need to remind ourselves to stop and enjoy, are something that I really appreciate.

The abundant berries, ever changing leaves and forageable foods are magical in colour and purpose at this time of year. Listening to the songs from happy birds, all full and fattened from all of Autumns bounty was also very pleasing.  I even got the chance to say hello (and thank you!) to a very friendly Robin.  I am aware that the Robin is renowned for being a sociable creature, but none the less, being somewhat of an amature photographer,  I was delighted to capture this lovely bird.  

The awakening breeze and refreshing autumn showers all add to the energising country walk i enjoyed today. With camera in hand I found myself wandering off the beaten track and hunting in the thicker woodlands for lichens and mushrooms, not forgetting to put the camera to one side occasionally and truly take in my surroundings.

I walked through open fields, gazed at the high tors in the distance, met some incredible wildlife and crossed a couple of meandering streams.  As my walk came to an end I pottered back to the town center where I visited some of the artist studios which have been open in Devon throughout September. Glimpsing into the creative spaces of the artists of Devon has been spectacular. If you haven’t visited any yet, tomorrow the 24th September 2017 will be the last day until next time.  I highly recommend visiting some of them.  If you don’t get a chance on this occasion then keep an eye out for any future Devon Artists Network events.

With an energised glow, and feeling completely inspired, I came home to warm my hands around a cuppa, edit the pictures i had just taken and write this blog…. I then enjoyed the rest of my day (and the school pick up!) with a rejuvenated connection to the land and an Autumn spring in my step.

L x


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  1. A lovely read and a beautiful place to live. I’m off to make myself a cuppa, you made one sound so inviting! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  2. Such stunning photos! I would love to live in a place like that. When I was at university I lived near Richmond Park and Bushy Park, and they were such beautiful places to stroll through all year round.

  3. Devon is our second home (my inlaws are in north Devon and we have friends who own a holiday home where we go most years in South Devon). What a lovely walk you had, and I love your photos too! Thanks for linking up with #Blogstravaganza

  4. A beautiful walk and so nice of the robin to stop and pose for you! A lovely opportunity to spend some time on your own. #AdventureCalling

  5. Sounds and looks like a lovely walk. And walking without the kids is a great idea, I must give that a try! #adventurecalling

  6. I love reading this post, it’s my favourite time of year and it made me just want to go outside and breathe in the crisp air. A walk on my own would be an amazing treat, it will be some time before I manage it, but I can at least enjoy your lovely photos! Thanks so much for linking up with us #AdventureCalling

  7. I know what you mean about being the parent of young kids and having to grab any avail free time with both hands! You certainly do. It looks like you had a great mini escape and you’ve taken some wonderful photos. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling . I hope you can when it opens again tomorrow.

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